Note: You cannot make a binding beneficiary nomination via this online form. To nominate a binding beneficiary download the beneficiary nomination form from the Find a Form page for your product.

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1. Your AMP account number

You can find your account number on a recent statement.

2. Details of your nominated beneficiaries

including their name, date of birth, gender and relationship to you.

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Nominating beneficiaries

If you make a non-binding (or preferred) death benefit nomination, we will decide which of your beneficiaries (and in what proportions) will receive your benefit in the event of your death. We will generally pay your nominated beneficiary/beneficiaries " however, depending on your circumstances at the time of your death, we may decide to pay your death benefit differently.

When making this nomination, you can only nominate beneficiaries who are either:

  • a dependant, or
  • your Estate/Legal Personal Representative.

Under superannuation law, we are unable to pay death benefits to beneficiaries that do not fall into one of the above categories.

When you make a nomination, we will not normally check whether:

  • your nominated beneficiaries on the nomination form are your dependants or your Legal Personal Representative
  • you have signed or completed the nomination form correctly.

A non-binding nomination will continue to apply until you cancel or change your nomination. Therefore, it is important that you keep your non-binding nomination up to date in line with your personal circumstances.

You can cancel or change your nomination at any time.

If you cancel your non-binding nomination without making another nomination, we must pay your death benefit to your Estate in accordance with making no nomination. However, if you are a former National Preservation Trust (NPT) member, different rules apply - please refer to the Former National Preservation Trust (NPT) members section for further information.

Tax implications

The amount of tax that a person will have to pay if they receive any of your death benefit might be different depending on whether you nominate them as a nominated or preferred beneficiary, or whether you nominate your Estate and they receive the payment through your Estate. This is because of different definitions in tax and superannuation laws.

For example: All children are dependants" in superannuation law and can be nominated as your beneficiary-in tax law, only a child under 18 years of age is a "dependant" (unless they are a financial dependant), and may pay a different rate of tax to a non-dependant child.

Therefore, before you consider making a nomination, we strongly recommend that you discuss your nomination with your financial planner.

Your responsibility to AMP Life

It is your responsibility to ensure that sufficient cleared funds are available in your account on the due date for payment to permit processing of the direct debit request.

If there are not sufficient funds and your financial institution dishonours the payment, any charges incurred by your financial institution and/or AMP Life may be debited from your account or recovered.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the authorisation given to AMP Life to draw on your financial institution account is consistent with the account authority or signing instructions held by your financial institution for that account.

You indemnify us against all losses, costs, damages and liabilities that we suffer as a result of you breaching this agreement, or providing us with an invalid or non-binding direct debit request addressed to us.

If you want to change this agreement

If you want to change or cancel this agreement or dispute a debit, visit My AMP or contact AMP Customer Service on 131 267.

  • Any change request must be received by AMP Life at least 5 business days before the changes take effect.
  • Any requests to cancel this agreement or an individual payment must be received by AMP Life at least 5 days before the due date.
  • Any requests to dispute a debit that has been made from your account will be responded to by AMP life within 5 business days.

AMP Growth Bond customers

Before you increase your payments, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for information about the 125% rule.

Important: If you believe that a direct debit has not been correctly processed, you should contact us immediately on 131 267.

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