Terms and conditions – Amplify Ignite 2019

The following pages set the terms and conditions for entry into the AMP 2019 Amplify Ignite PhD Pitch Competition (“Ignite”).

By submitting an Application (“the Application”) for entry, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions are subject to change. Please visit www.amp.com.au/amplify/ignite-2019/terms-and-conditions for the most up to date version.

Section 1 - How to Enter

1.1    Ignite is run by AMP Services Ltd (ABN 50 081 143 786).

1.2    Applications for Ignite open at 9:00am AEST on 31 July 2019, and close at 11:30pm AEST 1 September 2019 (“Closing Date”).

1.3    To submit an application for Ignite 2019, the applicant must download the Amplify Ignite 2019 Application Form (“Application”) from the Ignite website - https://www.amp.com.au/amplify/ignite-2019. The Application form should be completed electronically in its entirety and submitted by email to amplify@amp.com.au before the closing date. AMP will not accept any Applications submitted after the closing date without prior committee approval.

1.4    Applicants will be notified by email that their Application has been received within two (2) days of receipt.

1.5    Each applicant may only submit one Application, and all applicants must meet the eligibility criteria outlined in Section 4 in order to be considered for the competition.

1.6    Please take care when completing your Application, as incorrect or incomplete Application forms may not be accepted. We recommend that you print and keep a copy of your Application so that you have a record of it as we will not be able to provide you with a copy after it has been submitted.

1.7    AMP will not be responsible for any failure to receive an Application due to a technical problem or any kind or failure in transmission over the internet.

1.8    The Ignite application process comprises of two rounds:

        1.8.1    Round One (“Application Shortlisting”): Applications will be shortlisted for Ignite 2019. All Applicants will be emailed by 6 September 2019 notifying them of whether their Application has or has not been successful in making the Shortlist. If an application is shortlisted, the Applicant will be contacted by a member of the Amplify Ignite Team to confirm the next steps in the selection process (this will include a telephone interview to discuss the Application).

        1.8.2    Round Two (“Finalist Selection”): Up to Twenty Ignite 2019 Finalists (“Finalists”) will be selected from the Shortlisted Applicants. Finalists will be provided with further details about the Training Workshops, Mentoring Sessions and Pitch Event.

Section 2 - Grand Prize

2.1    AMP will award one Grand Prize of $10,000 AUD or such other amount determined by AMP in its discretion (“Grand Prize”).

2.2    Finalists for the Grand Prize will be judged by a panel of judges (“AMP Judging Panel”) at the Amplify Ignite PhD Pitch Night event on Wednesday 13 November 2019. The AMP Judging Panel will be selected by AMP at its discretion.

2.3    The AMP Judging Panel will have absolute discretion in judging all Applications and in deciding the winner of the Grand Prize. The AMP Judging Panel’s decision will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

2.4    The winner of the Grand Prize will be announced at the Amplify Ignite PhD Pitch Night event on Wednesday 13 November 2019.

Section 3 - People’s Choice Prize

3.1    AMP will award one People’s Choice Prize of $1,000 AUD (“People’s Choice Prize”).

3.2    Finalists for the People’s Choice Prize will be judged by the audience and the winner will be announced at the Amplify Ignite PhD Pitch Night event on Wednesday 13 November 2019.

Section 4 – Eligibility

To be eligible to enter Ignite 2019 any person submitting an Application form (“the Applicant”) must meet all eligibility criteria outlined in Section 4 below:

4.1    The Applicant must be a PhD student currently enrolled at an Australian accredited tertiary institution and undertaking research, or a recent PhD graduate (i.e. completed no longer than six months before the Ignite Closing Date).

4.2    The research must be based in Australia (i.e. either undertaken by an Australian researcher or conducted in Australia under the supervision of a researcher employed by an Australian institution).

4.3    The research must have been conducted under PhD supervision. If required, the Applicant must be willing to provide any documentation/evidence supporting their research (e.g. conference papers or presentations, publications, patents, proof of candidacy) and an internal review by academic staff in their Application.

4.4    Prizes will only be awarded to individuals. Teams or groups are not eligible to apply.

4.5    Before submitting the Application, the Applicant must obtain the consent of all interested parties in the Research (including any sponsors, collaborators, employers etc.) that they may:

        4.5.1    Submit an Application for Ignite 2019;

        4.5.2    Participate in the Amplify Ignite event and present the research concept in a public forum; and

        4.5.3    Consent to the use of any photographs or recordings from the training or pitch event on the AMP website and social media channels, and in any other media for any promotional and marketing activities, media releases and publications as AMP deems appropriate.

4.6    The Applicant must not have an established media profile. Amplify Ignite is ideally suited to very early-career researchers.

4.7    The Applicant cannot have been a previous top 20 finalist of Bright Sparks or Amplify Ignite.

4.8    The Applicant must be prepared to travel to Sydney and be available and commit to attend events on the following dates:

        4.8.1    Tuesday 1 October and Wednesday 2 October - Performance training workshop and mentoring sessions (8am – 6pm) at AMP’s Offices, 33 Alfred Street, Sydney, NSW;

        4.8.2    Wednesday 13 November – Rehearsal and the AMP Amplify Ignite PhD Pitch Event (8am-9.30pm) in Sydney, NSW; and

        4.8.3    Times to be determined - Follow up sessions with your performance coach and mentors (these may also be conducted via phone or Skype).

4.9    The Applicant must pay for their own travel, as well as any travel and personal insurance, and any presentation and performance expenses (e.g. costume, props etc.). The event organiser will provide basic stage, audio and lighting production for the event.

        4.9.1    Finalists may request part or whole of their $1,000 AUD Finalist Payment to be used towards any travel and accommodation required for participating in the program. Please note that this is at the discretion of AMP.

4.10    AMP Services Limited will collect your personal information for the purpose of administering the Amplify Ignite program and the Amplify PhD Pitch Competition. The Applicant’s personal information will be used and stored in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles and subject to AMP’s Privacy Policy available at https://www.amp.com.au/amp/privacy. The Applicant acknowledges and agrees that their personal information may be shared with AMP’s related bodies corporate and service providers for the purposes of administering the Amplify Ignite program and the Amplify PhD Pitch Competition.

4.11    The Applicant will have the right to access and request correction of any information in relation to their Application by submitting a request to amplify@amp.com.au. AMP will consider any requests after the Closing Date in its absolute discretion.

4.12    If the Applicant is awarded a prize, the Applicant must not make any press or other release or announcement relating to their Application and/or the AMP Amplify Ignite program without the prior written approval of AMP.

        4.12.1    If the Applicant is successful in securing media via their own means, the Applicant must acknowledge AMP.

4.13    The Applicant must obtain prior written approval from AMP (such approval not to be unreasonably withheld) if they wish to make any reference to the fact that they are the recipient of an AMP Amplify Ignite prize or they wish to use the AMP name or logo or otherwise associate themselves with AMP (including Amplify).

4.14    The Applicant must obtain their own advice in relation to the taxation consequences of any payment from AMP in relation to the AMP Amplify Ignite program.

4.15    AMP may modify these terms and conditions by notice on the AMP website.

Section 5 - Personal Statement

I (the Applicant) acknowledge and agree that:

5.1    I am eligible to apply for the AMP Amplify Ignite program and if requested by AMP I will provide the necessary evidence to prove this eligibility.

5.2    AMP may use and disclose my personal information in accordance with the AMP Amplify Ignite Terms and Conditions.

5.3    The Research is not confidential, proprietary or sensitive in nature as at the date of my Application and at the time of performance.

5.4    My referees consent to include their names and contact details in my Application and to be contacted by AMP representatives in relation to my Application.

5.5    The research idea detailed in my application is my own work and I have obtained all necessary consents from any interested parties (including any sponsors, employers and collaborators) as required by Eligibility Paragraph 4.5 of the terms and conditions above.

5.6    AMP (and any member of the AMP Group) may display and use the information and materials included in my Application, including any photographs, recordings or images of me, on the AMP website, social media channels and in any other materials that AMP reasonably believes are appropriate for the promotion of the AMP Amplify and Amplify Ignite programs.

5.7    My Application is based on my own original work and factually accurate to the best of my knowledge.

5.8    AMP may send me electronic messages and information regarding AMP Amplify and Amplify Ignite programs.

5.9    AMP has a non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable (without consent or notification), irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide right to use any part of my interactions with the Ignite program including photographs, recordings or images of me submitted during the event, in whole or in part for its business and promotional purposes. In consideration of Clause 5.5 above, AMP acknowledges that it has no ownership to any Intellectual Property relating to the research idea submitted in my Application.

        5.9.1    Intellectual Property means – patents, copyright (including moral rights), designs, circuit layouts, trade marks, trade secrets, know-how, confidential information, invention and discoveries and all other intellectual property a defined in Article 2 of the convention establishing the World Intellectual Property Organisation 1967.

5.10    AMP may keep both electronic and paper copies of my Application.

5.11    If I am selected as a finalist for the AMP Amplify Ignite program I agree that:

        5.11.1    I will attend the workshops and events as listed in Paragraph 4.8 above; and

        5.11.2    AMP or its agents may use the information in my Application to conduct reference checks.

5.12    If I am awarded the Grand Prize or People’s Choice Prize I will be solely responsible for any and all applicable taxes relating to the award of an AMP Amplify Ignite prize.

5.13    By submitting my Application, I have read and understood and agree to all the terms and conditions detailed above.