Amplify Insights

Amplify Insights | November 2017


Kaila Colbin – the powerful forces set to change our future

Technology. Disruption. Moore’s Law. The powerful forces set to change our future. Equal parts exciting and scary. But should we be concerned? And what exactly should we be concerned about?

Amplify Insights | June 2017


Michael Norton: The edge of behavioural finance

Money can buy happiness, you’re just spending it wrong.

This is the view of Dr Michael Norton from Harvard Business School. Michael's research indicates that money can indeed make you happy if you use it to buy experiences, to buy time, or to invest in others. 

Amplify Insights | June 2017


David Sinclair: the edge of medicine & ageing

Before the 1990’s old age was seen as an unavoidable fact of life; like an old car we just wear out. Since then we’ve addressed ageing like a set of fixable parts. When an organ breaks down, we medicate it or replace it. When cancer appears we seek to eradicate it. 

David Sinclair doesn’t want you to think that way.

Amplify Insights | May 2017


Rachel Botsman - what drives trust

How is it that trust in institutions and governments is crumbling, while we're more willing than ever to hail a stranger's car to our home using an app?

Amplify Insights | May 2017


Norman Lewis - whatever happened to our ambition

We carry around in our pockets, smartphones that are faster and more powerful than the computer on board Apollo 11. Yet, we’re more pre-occupied with selfies and angry birds, than venturing where no man has gone before. How did we lose sight of our ambitions and become content with meeting the low expectations set for us?