About us

Powered by AMP, Amplify is Australia’s top business and innovation platform for exploring technology, thought leadership and customer culture with some of the world’s boldest thinkers.


Connect with the edge
of the possible

With regular workshops and talks held throughout the year, as well as Amplify’s three-day event, held every two years, AMP brings together some of the best thinkers from around the globe to explore tomorrow’s business. Since 2005, Amplify has attracted Australia’s top leaders, and transformed AMP centres into showgrounds of innovation with talks, workshops, breakfasts, seed funding events and innovation expos.

Curating a far-reaching community of senior business executives, industry influencers, global thought leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, fintechs, as well as students and employees across all layers of business, a ticket to Amplify empowers you and your employees to peer beyond the edge of the possible, and future proof your business.