Why join AMP?

The opportunity to make an impact

At AMP, we’re lucky to have an incredible team of people who believe in our purpose - to realise human ambitions – and demonstrate our behaviours.  We’re offering the opportunity to join this team and play a role in building the AMP of the future. We have several projects rolling out across our business that will give you the opportunity to make a direct impact on the lives of our customers.

We need more people who care passionately about delivering customer outcomes – because they care deeply about our customers and are committed to doing the right thing.

Through this focus, we’ll be making a significant contribution to the future of the financial services industry. You can help us to make this happen.

The flexibility to achieve your goals

We want people ready to make an impact and we offer a wide range of flexible working options to make it easier for you to give your best. Whether this be part time or compressed hours, remote working or purchasing extra leave - we want to support you on your journey to achieve both your personal and professional goals.

At AMP, we care deeply about our employee’s wellbeing and we offer a range of benefits to support you financially, personally and professionally. From our onsite wellness centre at our Circular Quay HQ, to volunteering opportunities and retail discounts, we are here to support you.

The value of an inclusive and diverse team

Our customers are many different people, and so are we. Which is perfect.

We need all kinds of ideas, approaches and perspectives to stay in tune with our customers and give them what they need. There's lots of diverse thinking at AMP and being inclusive lets us switch it on.

It sounds big, but we want to improve the lives of our customers, our people, our business partners and our communities by being a truly inclusive business. A business that helps our people play to their strengths. This means we:

  • invite and value different ways of thinking and doing things
  • harness this difference to innovate and make great decisions
  • tackle bias and inequity head on
  • create strong relationships with one another to create them with our customers and business partners; and
  • work together to build an environment that helps us be our best, every single day.

For us, inclusion is key to connecting with our people and customers. Without it, diverse thinking can never be heard.

Personal pronouns

At AMP we encourage our team members to include their personal pronouns in their signatures to:

  • vocalise inclusion and support for our transgender and non-binary employees.
  • demonstrate that we value a diverse and inclusive world where all people are respected, valued, and affirmed. Not only does this allow our trans and non-binary employees to affirm their gender identities, it also helps avoid assuming someone’s gender and getting it wrong if their name is from a culture you are not familiar with or the name is gender-neutral.
  • promote our allyship and educate new and potential allies about gender identity, gender expression, and gender diversity.