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Who we are

We have been helping clients with their finances since we were founded as ipac in 1983. Today we're backed by the strength of AMP and have offices throughout Australia.


We talk a lot about goals because, to us, financial advice is more than just numbers. It’s about helping people live better lives and reach their potential.

Everyone has goals but getting started on them is often the hardest step. So we’ve made that easy with our innovative goals explorer technology – a fresh way to look at your goals. Once you’re clear about your goals, our financial advisers create a plan to track and help you achieve your goals. 

You’re at the centre of every conversation. We’re here to listen and understand what’s important for you. We’re upfront about how we work and our costs, so you’ll never be surprised by extra fees or hidden charges. 

Our team of expert advisers includes specialists in investment strategy, super, retirement, insurance, personal injury and redundancy.  We look forward to helping you with your goals.

Our financial planning expertise

Everyone is unique. What's important to you and what's important to someone else are two completely different things. So we spend time understanding what you truly want out of life and we'll tailor a financial plan to help you achieve it.

Our financial advisers provide financial advice in areas to help you:

  • plan your retirement
  • safeguard your future
  • make the most of super
  • thrive in retirement
  • invest for the long-term
  • transfer wealth to the next generation
  • deal with a life changing event such as divorce or redundancy
  • organise aged care

But as we all know life doesn't fit into neat little boxes, and doesn't always go the way we planned. That is why we model a range of scenarios from best case to worst case and help you make the right choices for your unique situation.

Our financial advice goes beyond the technical aspects of investing, super and tax planning – covering the unexpected, the individual, and all the little nuances that make your life different. And, that makes you, you.

Meet our team

At AMP Advice Wollongong our team stands out for their commitment to walk the journey with you. We won't set you off on a journey alone or with unrealistic or unclear goals. Once your priorities are set, we'll make sure everything is in place for you to meet your goals, and we'll be there to help as your situation and needs evolve.

Our advice team

Private Client Adviser

Representative of ipac

Private Client Adviser

Representative of ipac

Private Client Adviser

Representative of ipac

Private Client Adviser

Representative of ipac

Gavin Walkerden

Private Client Adviser

Representative of ipac

Advanced Diploma of Financial services Financial Planning
Certificate Self Managed Superannuation Funds
Certificate Margin Lending
Diploma of Financial Services
Certificate Business Management
Justice of the Peace
Currently Studying Masters of Financial Planning

Gavin is a passionate financial adviser who enjoys sharing his knowledge and guiding his clients through the ever changing economical and legislative landscape.  He enjoys spending the time getting to know his clients which enables him to get a deep understanding of their needs and their aspirations. Gavin’s strengths are his ability to simplify the complex by listen intently and working closely to focus and articulate his client’s goals, then communicating in an easy to understand manner.

Gavin has experience across a range of quality organisations in the banking and financial services industry. He has been a Financial Planner since 2006 and acquired extensive technical knowledge and experience. His advice focuses on strategy to benefit his client’s and take advantage of any opportunities which can benefit them, such as maximizing the superannuation environment to build wealth, use surplus cashflow to save in a tax effective manner, help manage cashflow and capital to achieve lifestyle goals, invest to reduce risk and grow wealth.

Gavin is always by his client’s side through the highs and inevitable lows, and he is always available in a time of need.

Gavin also places high regard in collaborating with other professionals, such as taxation and legal advisers to ensure all aspects of his client’s strategies and structure are correctly integrated.

Gavin is continually learning, adapting to the ever changing economic landscape and improving his education. He is currently completing a Masters of Financial Planning. He is also accredited to provide advice in the area of Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (Kaplan Education) as well as gearing and Margin Lending (Kaplan Education). Gavin is a Justice of the Peace.

To provide his client’s with confidence and peace of mind about their financial future through a client centric approach which deliver realistic and achievable outcomes.

Gavin gets enormous satisfaction helping clients articulate and prioritise their financial goals, develop a personalised financial plan and follow it through to see them live the lifestyle they want to live.  

James Bonamy

Private Client Adviser

Representative of ipac

Bachelor of Commerce (Specialising in Finance and Economics)
Diploma of Financial Planning
Certified Financial Planner
Specialist Adviser in SMSF
Member of FPA
Member of Self Managed Super Fund Association

James Bonamy has been a financial adviser since 2001 and has worked in the financial services industry for 18 years.   While James joined ipac in 2014, he has previously held roles in management along with spending 10 years as a Senior Adviser in a large organisation.  He specialised in working with private clients and business owners, particularly with complex financial situations such as investment and insurance structures, large superannuation accounts and Self Managed Super Funds.

Solving his clients financial problems and giving them the knowledge that they are doing the right thing for their financial lives means they can live comfortably, no matter what life’s challenges can throw up.  This means getting a deep understanding, finding out what is truly important to his clients form the base for the advice that he gives.  James believes financial advice is a team approach, not only with the other experts that he works with, but most importantly with the clients defining what their financial success and comfort looks like.  This comes from the years of experience and knowledge that he has gained. 

James goal is to know that the advice he gives as a real and positive impact on people’s lives.  

Michael Koch

Private Client Adviser

Representative of ipac

Associate Financial Planner - AFP®
Bachelor of Commerce - B.Com
Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning) – Adv.Dip.FS(FP)

Michael has been an employee of the Ipac group for close to 13 years, progressed to a Private Client Adviser in July 2007. Michael now looks after over 180 clients, whilst also actively generating new client business.

  • Bachelor of Commerce – 2004
  • Diploma of Financial Planning – 2007
  • Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning – 2011
  • Member of the Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA) – 2014
  • Direct Equity / Exchange Traded Funds, Margin Lending and Gearing accreditations.

Michael’s career has been heavily influenced by Private Client Service, allowing him to maintain a very close relationship with his clients. It is this style of advice that drives Michael’s passion for the industry. The large majority of Michael’s advice experience revolves around Transitioning to Retirement, post retirement, redundancy and social security advice, with the bulk of Michael’s clients being aged over 55. Michael has also successfully provided advice to accumulation clients in their 30s and 40s, demonstrating a wide range of advice experience and practice.

Michael’s goal as a Private Client Adviser is to see his clients achieve their personal and investment goals, whilst trusting in their adviser and advice business through a strong client / adviser relationship.

Nemanja Vico

Private Client Adviser

Representative of ipac

Bachelors of Commerce, Majoring in Financial Planning
Graduate of the AMP Horizons Academy
Certified Financial Planner Designation (currently studying)
Justice of the Peace
Member of the Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA)

Nem has been in the financial services industry since 2011. He has a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Financial Planning and is also a proud graduate from the prestigious AMP Horizons academy.   Nem has been a Member of the Australian Financial Planning Association since 2012 and serves the community as a Justice of the Peace. Currently Nem is furthering his studies to attain his CFP qualification and plans on completing his masters degree.

The most enjoyable part of being an adviser for Nem is having the opportunity to simplify the complexities of his client’s financial situations and building relationships based on the advice he provides. It’s never easy to ask for advice, and the peace of mind Nem gives his clients in regards to their financial future is the reason Nem has chosen a career as a financial adviser.

Nem’s goal has always been to put his clients in the best position possible by utilising the resources at his disposal and technical abilities relating to the financial industry. Nem’s ambition is to provide advice to everyday Australians and with his role at AMP advice he will continue to develop his goal.

Client Adviser

Representative of ipac

Tim D'Astoli

Client Adviser

Representative of ipac

Certified Financial Planner®
Bachelor of Business
Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning)
Justice of the Peace
Member of the Financial Planning Association

Tim has worked in financial services since 1999, he enjoys providing clients with confidence and peace of mind when making well informed financial decisions for their future.

Tim is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® Professional, has an Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning) and a Bachelor of Business (majoring in Financial Planning and Economics) from the University of Technology, Sydney.

Tim helps people build wealth, plan successfully for their future and manage life transitions (such as retirement or change of employment). Assisting a range of people including senior executives, professionals and retirees, Tim also has a special interest in providing financial advice for people with special needs due to accidents, injury, illness and disability.

Tim has always had a personal interest in wealth and investments. He enjoys helping people get peace of mind by making well informed choices to control their financial futures.

Tim’s goal is to help make the complicated simple and ensure that clients are maximising opportunities available to them, not making avoidable mistakes – and doing so with minimal risk.

Our support team

Associate Adviser

Sydney Client Service Manager

Lead Client Relationship Manager


Andrew Groat

Associate Adviser

Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning
Masters of Financial Planning (currently studying)
Graduate of AMP Horizons Adviser Academy
Justice of the Peace (JP)
Associate member of the Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA)

Andrew has over 6 years’ experience in the financial service industry having previously held positions within the superannuation, pensions and investments area.

Andrew has graduated from the prestigious AMP Horizons Adviser Academy in 2016 where upon graduation received the opportunity to transfer into AMP Advice Wollongong as an Associate Adviser.

Andrew enjoys meeting new people and building client relationships. He enjoys helping clients achieve their financial and lifestyle goals.

Andrew’s goal is to continually develop his knowledge within the financial planning industry and become an AMP adviser. He is currently studying his Masters of Financial Planning and will further his studies by completing a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation in the near future.

Malcolm Gee

Sydney Client Service Manager

Diploma of Management
Diploma Financial Services (Financial Planning)

Mal has worked in and around financial markets and financial planning for almost 30 years. He manages the team of Private Client Advisers and Associate Advisers in Sydney, Sutherland and Wollongong.

Mal has seen firsthand the benefits advice can bring to clients to help them achieve their goals. Working with a team of professionals who really care about their clients achievements and seeing the advisers grow and develop in their own roles is what excites Mal about working in financial advice.

Aside from spending as much time with his young family as possible Mals goal is to halve his current golf handicap. Clearly 2 conflicting priorities that can sometimes be hard to manage.

Michelle Best

Lead Client Relationship Manager

Diploma of Financial Planning

With a background in supporting Mortgage Brokers Michelle was eager to learn something new. In 2008 she joined a National Financial Planning & Stockbroking Firm and found a personal interest in the industry, something she could relate too. Over the years of managing private clients and supporting various financial advisers the opportunity to lead the team she was in became available & Michelle was ready for her next career adventure. 

Michelle is responsible for her household budget and she loves sharing knowledge. She has applied her industry knowledge to her structured home life.  

If she can influence my family the importance of chatting to a financial adviser before pre-retirement age, that is rewarding in itself.  

Cassandra Tindall


Cassandra has been working in the financial services industry since 1995. Cassandra has worked in a variety of roles since joining the finance industry including administration support, receptionist, client relationship manager, accounts clerk and executive assistant.

Cassandra has more than 12 years experience in the financial advice industry. Her first role was with Godfrey Pembroke Limited followed then by ipac securities limited and AMP Advice.

Cassandra enjoys working in the financial services environment dealing with clients on a daily basis and assisting with their queries, needs and concerns.  It provides her with the opportunity to enhance her own knowledge of the industry.  Cassandra enjoys coming to work each day as she finds it a challenging and rewarding experience.  And feels lucky she works in a great team environment.   

Cassandra enjoys helping people. She finds satisfactions in the strong relationship she has built with existing clients and enjoys assisting new clients with any questions or concerns they may have. 

Cassandra loves spending quality time with her family outdoors and catching up for coffee with girlfriends.   Her other loves are yoga, pilates and spending time at the beach. 


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