About us

Who we are

We have been helping clients with their finances since we were founded as ipac in 1983. Today we're backed by the strength of AMP and have offices throughout Australia.


We talk a lot about goals because, to us, financial advice is more than just numbers. It's about helping people live better lives and reach their potential.

Everyone has goals but getting started on them is often the hardest step. So we've made that easy with our innovative goals explorer technology – a fresh way to look at your goals. Once you're clear about your goals, our financial advisers create a plan to track and help you achieve your goals.

You're at the centre of every conversation. We’re here to listen and understand what’s important for you. We're upfront about how we work and our costs, so you'll never be surprised by extra fees or hidden charges.

Our team of expert advisers includes specialists in investment strategy, super, retirement, insurance, personal injury and redundancy.  We look forward to helping you with your goals.

Our financial planning expertise

Everyone is unique. What's important to you and what’s important to someone else are two completely different things. So we spend time understanding what you truly want out of life and we'll tailor a financial plan to help you achieve it.

Our financial advisers provide financial advice in areas to help you:

  • plan your retirement
  • safeguard your future
  • make the most of super
  • thrive in retirement
  • invest for the long-term
  • transfer wealth to the next generation
  • deal with a life changing event such as divorce or redundancy
  • organise aged care

But as we all know life doesn't fit into neat little boxes, and doesn't always go the way we planned. That is why we model a range of scenarios from best case to worst case and help you make the right choices for your unique situation.

Our financial advice goes beyond the technical aspects of investing, super and tax planning – covering the unexpected, the individual, and all the little nuances that make your life different. And, that makes you, you.

Meet our team

At AMP Advice Miami our team stands out for their commitment to walk the journey with you. We won't set you off on a journey alone or with unrealistic or unclear goals. Once your priorities are set, we'll make sure everything is in place for you to meet your goals, and we'll be there to help as your situation and needs evolve.

Our advice team

Private Client Adviser

Representative of ipac

Private Client Adviser

Representative of ipac

Private Client Adviser

Representative of ipac

Private Client Adviser

Representative of ipac

David Bird

Private Client Adviser

Representative of ipac

A Doctor of Business Administration in Finance (DOF) from Belford University
Diploma of Financial Planning from Deakin University, (Dip FP)
Certified Investment and Financial Adviser (CIFA) from the Australian Society of Investment & Financial Advisers Ltd
Justice of the Peace Qualified (JP Qual)
Associate Member of the Registry of Certified Financial Planners (AFP) from the International Association for Financial Planning (Australia) Certified Financial Planner
Senior Associate of the Australian Institute of Banking and Finance (AAIBF Snr)
Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management (AFAIM)

David is a Private client adviser at AMP Advice Miami. David has more than 40 years experience in the financial services industry including Stockbroking, Insurance, Superannuation and Financial Planning.

David advises in the areas of pre and post retirement planning and was the founding principal of Strategic Planning partners.

Over a period of 24 years, David wrote a weekly finance column for the Gold Coast Bulletin's Money segment and his articles have been published in the Gold Coast Sun, Gold Coast News, Hinterland Courier Mail, Sunday Sun and Sunday Mail.

David has been interviewed on Financial Planning issues by radio stations SEA FM, 4CRB, 4BC, Radio 97 and had a weekly finance section on the ABC radio 91.7 Coast FM for several years.

Financial Advice to David is about working together with clients to achieve their goals and objectives, so they can live the lifestyle they want.

To continue to be of service to our valued clients.

Denny Baker

Private Client Adviser

Representative of ipac

Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning)
Diploma of Management

Denny joined the financial services industry on her arrival in Australia 25 years ago.  She worked alongside her husband in their own financial services business based in Melbourne specialising in superannuation.

A move to Queensland some few years later saw Denny take up various positions within a large financial services organisation which is now part of the AMP stable. In these roles she predominantly provided technical support to advisers in the field.

Following a short spell in the education arena assisting advisers to meet their education requirements Denny moved into the area of advice.

Denny spent 10 years as an adviser with a large Trustee Company. It was in the role of Private Client Adviser that she developed her keen interest in Philanthropy.

She has worked with many not-for-profit organisations assisting clients to meet their objectives in respect of their charitable intent.

Having come from the vastly different discipline of architecture Denny found a great deal of personal satisfaction in assisting people to understand the complex areas of finance and how these impact their lives on a personal level.  Providing comfort to ensure clients leave with a smile.

Denny wants to continue to enjoy working closely with her clients to ensure timely strategic planning in respect of life changing events such as retirement and aged care.

She has a goal to continue to provide peace of mind to her clients through an empathic approach to assisting them to achieve their personal and financial goals.

Joe Walsh

Private Client Adviser

Representative of ipac

Certified Financial Planner (CFP®)
Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning
Member of the FPA

Coming from a large family with 5 brothers Joe naturally learnt various life skills of negotiation, compromise, communication and respect from an early age. It is these skills combined with a stubborn determination to succeed that have served him well for a successful career in Financial Services. Joe was the owner and director of a successful financial advice firm in Adelaide, which merged with ipac in 2011. After a well-deserved year off travelling in 2012, he then moved to the Gold Coast in February 2013. He enjoys a healthy lifestyle and continues his passion for the outdoors with a round of golf, surfing, swimming and running.

Financial Advice was a logical fit for Joe with his passion for investment markets and his ability to communicate well with people. Joe forges strong long term bonds with his clients to assist them achieve their goals in retirement.

Apart from succeeding on a professional level Joe enjoys time with his family. Joe's current goal outside of work is to be fluent in Portuguese primarily due to his wife being from Brazil He will be pushed in this goal by his young daughter who is already progressing past him but Joe is up for the challenge. 

Lorraine Swan

Private Client Adviser

Representative of ipac

Lorraine started her career in finance with a major bank straight after high school 40 years ago and has been in the Financial Planning Industry since 2000. Lorraine has worked in various roles in the industry starting as a junior adviser and then as a Personal Insurance Consultant, a Senior Financial Planner and then as an Aged Care Specialist. Her most satisfying role is that of a Private Client Adviser as she is able to assist clients face to face and is able to share her knowledge in a simple and easy to understand manner.

Lorraine sees financial planning as a way to help clients meet their financial goals and aspirations and likes to work with clients to assist them in achieving their goals without significant sacrifice to their lifestyle.  She likes to be able to help to remove any financial stress from clients in difficult personal situations and to educate clients about every aspect of their individual financial situation.

Lorraine's goal is to help her clients get the best results they can with their money.  Lorraine aims to take the financial stress out of people's lives so they can enjoy every day going forward.

Private Client Adviser

Representative of ipac

Client Adviser

Representative of ipac

Client Adviser

Representative of ipac

Lynda Griffith

Private Client Adviser

Representative of ipac

Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning)
Associate Diploma of Business (Accounting)
Currently Studying a Masters of Financial Planning
Commissioner for Declarations

Lynda has worked in the financial services industry since 1986 with roles in accounting, banking and finance before progressing into financial planning. This has included personal and commercial lending and personal risk insurance advice roles with a major bank and technical research and advice roles with financial planning firms since 2003.

Her variety of roles during this time has armed Lynda with practical knowledge and skills which allows her to apply today's complex legislation and investment opportunities to best suit her client’s particular circumstances.

Lynda's aim is to cut through this complexity and help her clients achieve their lifestyle goals through sound financial planning which they can understand and relate to. She enjoys guiding her clients in their financial journey and ultimately help them live free of financial stress in retirement.

Financial planning allows Lynda to combine her strength for facts and figures with her passion for people and their lives.

Lynda lives on the Gold Coast with her husband and teenage sons. Her goal is to enjoy a balanced life which includes a challenging and satisfying work life whilst also being a loving and supportive role model for her family and friends. Her ultimate goal is to take her own advice and achieve her financial and health goals to ensure she enjoys a long and happy retirement and continue to be an asset to her children as they build their own lives and families. (And perhaps throw a fair bit of travel in there too.)

Josh Mashman

Client Adviser

Representative of ipac

BBus (Finance & Computing), Advanced Diploma Financial Planning, SSA SMSF Specialist Adviser
SMSF Association

Josh has been involved in the financial planning industry for 15 years and has been with AMP Advice (formerly known as ipac) for 8 years.

Josh has extensive experience in all areas of financial planning advice including budgeting, cash flow management, wealth accumulation, wealth preservation, pre and post retirement, superannuation (including a specialisation in SMSF), aged care and estate planning matters.

Josh hosts a weekly talkback program on community radio station 4CRB and is a regular seminar presenter on a whole range of educational topics including SMSF, investment and estate planning.

Josh has seen firsthand how good financial advice can lead to a whole range of better lifestyle outcomes by giving people confidence to enjoy today knowing their financial future is secure and he enjoys being part of the journey. 

Josh strives for the perfect life/family/work/fun balance and enjoys everything the Gold Coast has to offer. 

Bobbe-lee Duncombe

Client Adviser

Representative of ipac

CPA, BBus (BKF), Dip FS (FP)
Member of the CPA and FPA

Bobbe has been in financial services for over 20 years. Before joining the Gold Coast team in 2006, Bobbe worked for a financial planning firm in Northern NSW.  And prior to that, she has worked for Elders, Australia's largest rural bank and Westpac gaining experience in banking, accounting and financial planning.

During her time in the Gold Coast office she has worked in various roles from providing technical support to advisers, to being an adviser herself, and then leading the support team while managing the office for many years. Since coming back from maternity leave, Bobbe has decided her passion lays with helping clients achieve peace of mind, and has returned to an adviser role.

Bobbe has always enjoyed being with people and helping them with their understanding of finances. By gaining experience in banking, accounting and financial planning, Bobbe believes she can help people understand things better by providing a holistic approach. Her love for building relationships with people sees her enjoy getting a true understanding of what “keeps them awake at night” and then helping them to structure their finances with their lifetime goals in mind.

On Bobbe's days away from the office she enjoys spending time with her two small children and loves getting to live in a beautiful part of this wonderful country.

Associate Adviser

Representative of ipac

Associate Adviser

Representative of ipac

Associate Adviser

Representative of ipac

Adam Lomas

Associate Adviser

Representative of ipac

Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Planning and Investment Analysis
Diploma of Share Trading and Investments
Advanced Diploma of Share Trading and Investments
Masters of Financial Planning (near completion)

After having worked in the financial planning industry for 6 years as a Paraplanner at Monitor Money Corporation and AXA Australia,  Adam continued to advance his academic knowledge completing a Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Planning and Investment Analysis and later a Diploma of Share Trading and Investments and an Advanced Diploma of Share Trading and Investments. Through this study Adam gained a thorough knowledge of all aspects of the financial planning process.  With an ambition and passion to help others achieve their own financial success and freedom Adam is now working as an Associate Advisor for AMP Advice Miami. 

When not working in the office, you can catch Adam keeping fit in the pool and continuing to explore his other passions of share trading/investment analysis and music, regularly performing singing for his band and playing guitar.

Inspired by helping others to see their own potential, Adam believes working for AMP will give him the ability to help others shape their own dreams by making the most of their own financial situations.

With a constant drive to continue to grow his wealth of knowledge Adam is now completing his Masters in Financial Planning where he is near completion. Adam wants to continue to apply his financial planning skills to what he sees as an exciting new industry and future.

Charlene Thompson

Associate Adviser

Representative of ipac

Bachelor of Business, Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning
Currently studying towards Certified Financial Planner
Financial Planning Associate of Australia

Charlene has been working in the banking and financial services industry since finishing university in 2004.  Her love for numbers, budgeting and goal setting has led her to financial planning where she is in her element creating detailed financial plans for clients.  She loves the technical side of financial planning and being able to strategize the best and most effective way for a client to achieve their goals. Her current role as an Associate Adviser allows her to work closely with experienced advisers to assist clients in doing so. 

It is clear to those around Charlene that she is very passionate about what she does. She believes it's not how much you earn, but what you do with what you have. Making measurable realistic goals then working towards those goals through budgeting and savings. Charlene’s mantra is if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. She also believes that building wealth is a long term strategy, it’s not going to happen overnight and it's not going to happen without effort. Accumulating while you’re young is imperative and taking on calculated risks. Budgeting doesn't mean going without, it just means prioritising what is important to you and budgeting accordingly.

Charlene has two young girls who she loves spending quality time with. Her two little princesses are her motivation to keep her career going so she can be a good role model. She believes it is important for women to continue pursuing their dreams and goals whilst being a mother and to have a solid understanding of finances so they are always capable of standing on their own two feet. 

In her limited spare time, Charlene and her husband spend time renovating their second home.  Prior to having children they loved to travel, especially throughout South-East Asia where they valued eating local cuisine and gaining appreciation for ways of living that differ greatly to our experience in Australia. She is an avid sushi lover, enjoys being active and is happiest spending time outdoors.

Charlene believes that having a basic understanding of how money works is imperative. Financial literacy will lead you to a better quality in life, however, humans are all born with different innate talents and interests and time is limited.  In this day and age we have information overload and so much choice available. As such, Charlene believes that listening and following the advice of professionals will allow you to continue to do what you do best. An experienced knowledgeable financial planner will be able to take the stress out of the world of finance for you and will be able to assist you in achieving your financial goals at every stage of life.

Charlene is passionate about building her knowledge around every intricate part of financial planning so she can continue to assist clients in building solid financial plans.

Paula Barnes

Associate Adviser

Representative of ipac

Adv Dip FP

Paula has been an Associate Adviser since 2013. Paula took up a role with AMP Advice Miami (formerly known as ipac) in 2016 to focus on retirement clients and ongoing advice.

Paula likes to support clients to make good decisions about their financial wellbeing so they make the most of what they have. 

As a new addition to the AMP Advice team, Paula appreciates that the clients are at the centre of our actions and she looks forward to working directly with clients in the future.

Our support team

Practice Manager

Lead Client Relationship Manager

Senior Relationship Manager

David Robertson

Practice Manager

Advanced Diploma of Financial Service (Financial Planning)

David has over 10 years experience in the financial industry. He joined ipac securities in 2009 where he has worked in a variety of roles, including Paraplanner and Associate Adviser. Over the years David has continued to develop his knowledge and is currently completing his studies for a Masters in Financial Planning.

Working in financial advice provides an opportunity to help educate clients about their financial situation, so they can make informed decisions and enjoy life.

David is passionate about financial advice and wants to ensure our clients can meet their goals and objectives. Outside of work David enjoys making the most of an active lifestyle with his family.

Tracey Dudson

Lead Client Relationship Manager

Diploma of Financial Planning

Tracey is a Lead Client Relationship Manager (CRM) at AMP Advice Miami. Tracey has been working in the financial planning industry since 2006 and during this time has loved working in a number of different support roles. Tracey enjoys working closely with financial advisers, the CRM team, colleagues and clients in order to assist with the advice process.  Tracey completed the Diploma of Financial Planning in 2006 and has held various administrative and customer focused roles during her career.

A major responsibility of her role as a CRM is to prepare and implement financial planning paperwork and provide the highest level of service to our Private Client Advisers.

Financial Advice to Tracey is about supporting and educating people in order to help them achieve their goals and reduce financial stress. Tracey enjoys working in this industry as it is challenging but also very gratifying when we can see the positive impact that financial advice can generate to people's lives.

Tracey’s goal is to continue to provide the highest level of service to our clients and advisers and grow with the AMP business.

John Lomas

Senior Relationship Manager

Diploma Financial Planning
Self-Managed Superannuation Accredited Specialist Advisor

Drawing on his time in the education sector, John is a passionate adviser committed to educating his clients and providing informed and strategic financial decisions.

A veteran of the financial services industry for over 40 years, John managed his own Financial Planning business for 25 years managing over $100million for several hundred clients.

He has extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of financial advice including budgeting, cash flow management, debt structuring, portfolio management, wealth accumulation and preservation, personal insurance, pre and post retirement planning and has assisted many people through redundancy situations. He is also a specialist family law advisor.

John founded ipac’s SMSF Trustee Education program and he is a regular presenter of workshops including introduction to SMSF’s, Investment Strategy and Estate Planning. He is a regular guest on Radio 4CRB Finance forum where he gives specialist information on SMSF's.

John enjoys assisting clients through the complex areas of Financial Planning, to give them clarity of legislation through education which enable them to take advantage of all the opportunities that will make their journey through life fulfilling and abundant. He enjoys helping people set financial goals and seeing the joy of their achievements.

John likes to help people through their pathway from being wealth accumulators to successful retirees and to provide support and security during the latter part of their lives.

John is a Specialist Member of the Self-Managed Superannuation Association of Australia.

Client Relationship Manager

Client Relationship Manager

Client Relationship Manager

Client Relationship Manager

Jacquie Hewitt

Client Relationship Manager

UK financial planning certificate I II & III

Jacquie has worked in the Investment & Banking sector most of her working life – she migrated to Australia in 2008 with her husband and was proud to become a Citizen in 2013.

Jacquie knows that financial planning can bring peace of mind and security and wants to help people achieve this.

Jacquie enjoys the Gold Coast weather and wants to see as much of Australia as possible.

Raelene Corbitt

Client Relationship Manager

Prior to joining AMP Advice Miami as the Director of First Impressions or Receptionist as some know it, Raelene worked in a local private school for almost 10 years and at one of the Big 4 banks for 17 years.  Raelene now assists the new business team while they help everyday Australians to achieve their life and financial goals and coordinates the various seminars which are held throughout the year.

Raelene loves to travel and her goal is to visit as many places as possible, she loves attending live theatre especially musicals and has a passion for many sports particularly tennis, baseball and skiing.  Raelene is married and has 2 adult sons.

Raelene didn't know much about financial planning or finance in general before joining AMP Advice Miami, but is now so much more aware of how important it is to help others achieve their goals through sound financial advice.

Raelene wants to continue to provide the highest level of service to our clients and advisers and grow with the AMP business.

Roslyn Gibson

Client Relationship Manager

Bachelor of Business
Graduate Certificate in Financial Planning

Roslyn is a Client Relationship Manager (CRM) at AMP Advice Miami. Roslyn began her career working as a CRM in the Financial Planning sector whilst studying at Griffith University. Upon graduation in 2013, Roslyn moved to London where she spent the better part of two years working for BNP Paribas and travelling throughout Europe and also to some destinations in Africa and the Middle-East.

Roslyn is a confident, ambitious and hands-on individual with a desire for achieving efficiency and exceeding expectations. She is passionate about the provision of outstanding customer service and believes in going the extra mile in order to achieve the best outcome for her clients.

In her limited spare time she enjoys reading books, trying out new restaurants and cuisines, travel planning and is happiest when she is outdoors.

Roslyn's mother always involved her in family financial decisions and imparted from a young age that “one must be a good steward of money”, this instilled a core value and planted the seed for her current love for numbers, budgeting and financial goal setting. She believes that building wealth is a long term strategy, and therefore starting to accumulate while you’re young and taking on calculated risks is imperative. As a result, embarking on a career in the Financial Services Industry was a natural progression for Roslyn and this is where she is in her element.

Roslyn is excited about building her skills and knowledge in all aspects of financial planning so she can continue to play a valuable part of the advice process and grow within the organisation. She hopes to one day be able to take stress out of finance and assist clients in achieving their financial goals at every stage of life.

Kay Stahlhut

Client Relationship Manager

Since commencing her role in the Financial Planning Industry in 2003 as a receptionist, Kay continued to grow into the role of Client Relationship Manager to assist clients and advisers with the implementation of client advice.

Kay has a passion for helping clients feel secure about the financial advice being given to them to achieve their goals and likes to support them throughout the process. 

Kay's main focus is to ensure all clients receive friendly, high level service to allow them peace of mind.

In Kay's spare time she enjoys visiting her three daughters in Toowoomba, going to the Theatre and travel.  As a new comer to the Gold Coast, Kay is finding so much to do and enjoy in this new lifestyle here with her partner. 

Client Relationship Manager

Client Relationship Manager and Receptionist

Belinda McLeod

Client Relationship Manager

Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning) Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning) Diploma in Finance & Mortgage Broking Certificate IV in Finance & Mortgage Broking Tier 1 & 2 General Insurance Broking

Belinda has been in the financial services industry for over 10 years predominately in the area of insurance. After having worked in insurance for many years and completing the Diploma & Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning, Belinda continued to advance her academic knowledge completing a Certificate IV & Diploma in Finance & Mortgage Broking. Belinda's vast array of different client facing roles and academic knowledge has given Belinda the knowledge and experience to apply to her new role as a Client Relationship Manager here at AMP Advice Miami.

When away from the office, Belinda loves travelling, spending time with her family and living an active life. Her weekends involve reading books, trying out new cafes & restaurants and keeping active.

Belinda is passionate about helping clients achieve their financial goals throughout all stages of life and this is what has brought her into financial planning.  Belinda is driven to continue building her skills and knowledge throughout all aspects of financial planning so that she can continue to provide the highest level of service to our clients and advisers and grow within the organisation.

Leanna Smith

Client Relationship Manager and Receptionist

Leanna knew at her first interview with AMP Advice Miami, that the position of "Client Relationship Manager - Receptionist" was for her, and after 18 months she still loves coming to work every day. Communication comes naturally to Leanna and she has an affinity with all ages and genders. Leanna loves the face to face interaction with the clients and the personal interaction when taking their calls.

She thoroughly enjoys interactions with staff and clients in the office. Leanna strives to make clients feel welcome and relaxed on each visit to AMP Advice Gold Coast, especially first time clients that may be a little nervous and apprehensive.

Out of work hours, Leanna loves spending time with her husband Derek, either working in the gardens around their home, participating in running events, taking the caravan for a camping trip or travelling overseas. Leanna also enjoys time with her adult children, their partners and catching up with her friends.

Leanna never thought about Financial Advice before starting at AMP Advice Miami. Leanna is now more aware of how important it is to receive financial advice and how it is able to help achieve your financial goals for now and in your retirement years.

Leanna's goal is to be the best Receptionist  that AMP Advice Miami will ever have. Making our new clients feel welcome on their initial visit and our existing clients feel at home on their subsequent visits throughout the year.