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"Thank you to Les McGuire, for providing the knowledge, the understanding, the time, and the care."

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In a recent period of my life, it became necessary to seek advice regarding the framework of my future, partnered with finance and investments. This search for help was enveloped in deep emotional trauma, with the sudden and unexpected passing of my wife of ten years. 

Although I found myself in a comfortable position regarding available funds, an understanding of how to protect those funds and provide for the future, was lacking.

After approaching two financial planners, both unable or disinterested in providing me with an appointment within a four-week period, assistance was found at Future Proof Financial Planning.

On the day I attended the above mentioned office, I was informed Mr Les McGuire was working at a separate branch. However, would be happy to make the trip over to see me if I was available that afternoon. That meeting, taking place only a few hours later, gave me more of an outcome ever expected.

Les not only opened his door to me as a potential client, but as a human being. Our conversations were some of the first I was able to have where I felt heard, actually listened to. The contents spread over many topics including personal loss, and struggles to continue with life. Of a need to salvage some form of worth from the remaining assets I had, and from the remaining self-worth. Les not only provided suggestions of how to protect my wife’s legacy, but provided a hand, a friendship, and an open door.

It is my belief that at the time we met, there was, within me, a severe sense of loss and no will to continue trying. From his ability to communicate with another human, not just as a dollar sign, Les reached out and created a sense of connection between himself and I.

This initial meeting grew into several conversations, and definitely a level of trust and a bond of friendship developed. Indeed, following the ongoing suggestions, placed me in a very strong and much more long term secure position. I have definitely benefited greatly from meeting Les McGuire. Even now, writing that down sounds so demeaning to actual support, professionalism and open arms this man provides. Not just clients, not just staff, and not just potential clients, what exists is a genuine need to help others.

My life has continued on, and financially continued on, in full, to finding a strength within to survive. The voice I have used to find that path has definitely taken only a few tones over these last few months of grief. One was my beloved Rachel telling me to smile and to keep loving. One was my late mum, demanding I get up off the ground and give it my best. The third one was Les, telling me his door is always open and this was one challenge I would not face alone. Like a brother, he would be standing by my side the whole way.

Sometimes in life, you the client, can have all the money and houses you could ever need. But the pain of life, and reason for even being can negate any purpose of financial safety. It takes more than a degree or some fancy marketing talk and catch phrases handed down by head office, to make a difference.

Sometimes it takes a human being, with a heart, a sense of humour, and with a familiar story, to actually save that client. 

Sometimes, it takes someone with an understanding that you need to invest in the person, before you get to invest in the funds.

Today I remain, with a secured future, and secured friendship. Today I continue. with an outlook on understanding financial matters more. Today I chose, as easily as it is, to say thank you to Les McGuire, for providing the knowledge, the understanding, the time, and the care.”

Josh M - Ballina

"Engaging and working with Les was one of the best decisions I have ever made."

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