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Who we are

We have offices based in Ballina and Lismore but we service clients all over Australia, we are dedicated to helping each of our clients achieve their goals.



For the last 19 years, we've been passionately working with our clients to plan for their future. We can only do that with a focus on building strong relationships. It's our main priority.

So we listen to your needs and take time to understand you. We're transparent about how we work and how we charge. We make sure you're in control throughout the process and that we give advice specialised to suit your needs.

We have a team of experts who have experience across a range of areas such as investment strategies, retirement, insurance, superannuation, cash flow, debt and specialist business advisory. So regardless of your needs or age, we're here to help you whatever your goals.

Our financial planning expertise

Future Proof Financial offers a complete financial service of future planning and banking needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand and formulate an uncomplicated plan to achieve your future goals and objectives. Please take your time to fully explore our website.

Advice we specialise in:

  • Retirement planning
  • Financial planning
  • Small business advice
  • Banking solutions
  • Investment planning
  • Superannuation
  • Estate planning
  • Salary packaging
  • Wealth management
  • Debt management
  • Wealth protection
  • Group insurance
  • Business Advisory
  • SMSF
  • Centrelink Planning

Meet our team

Our team is unique we have a commitment and  stands out for their commitment to walk the journey with you.
We won't set you off on a journey alone or with unrealistic or unclear goals. Once your priorities are set, we'll make sure everything is in place for you to meet your goals, and we’ll be there to help as your situation and needs evolve.
Our team consists of four experienced and qualified Advisers, two Coaches, three Client Relationship Managers, one Paraplanner, and one Accounts Manager.

Find out more about our team below.

Our advice team

Practice Principal, Authorised Representative

Authorised Representative and Credit Representative of AMP Financial Planning

Authorised Representative

Authorised Representative and Credit Representative of AMP Financial Planning

Authorised Representative

Authorised Representative and Credit Representative of AMP Financial Planning

Authorised Representative

Authorised Representative and Credit Representative of AMP Financial Planning

Les McGuire

Practice Principal, Authorised Representative

Authorised Representative and Credit Representative of AMP Financial Planning

Master of Business Administration Advanced
Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning)
Diploma of Accounting
Specialist Business Advisory B-Star
Accredited Mortgage Consultant
ASX Listed Products
DPMC Margin Lending
Self-Managed Super Funds

Throughout life, helping people is what drives him most. Les feels blessed that his chosen profession in life is based purely on helping people achieve their personal, financial and business goals.

Les chose this path in life after setting up and running his own companies, holding senior management and board positions within other companies and realising after speaking to so many people that this is what people struggled with most.

The greatest results aren't necessary from consistently professing to outperform the financial markets. This is something he aspires to do for his clients, however, being there to help them through the toughest times and be that person who is prepared to listen and give caring constructive advice to celebrate the good and assist when times are difficult is important to me.

Les has a real passion for people. When he engages with his clients, Les makes a commitment to be there for them. Good advice, communication and genuinely caring about their needs in a proactive (not reactive) manner is what makes a good adviser in his mind.

Peter Fairfull

Authorised Representative

Authorised Representative and Credit Representative of AMP Financial Planning

Bachelor of Business
Diploma of Financial Planning
Certified Financial Planner™ Practitioner
Accredited Mortgage Consultant

There is no greater sense of satisfaction than that gained from helping others. Peter realised early in life that helping others provided long lasting benefits for those whom he could help and, surprisingly, for himself too.

Peter has always had an ability to see the big picture in situations and found early in his career when listening to people talk about their lives, he was able to clearly see and understand where they were and provide them options and alternatives to achieve what they were after in ways they had never thought possible. Having always had the desire and determination to run businesses, Peter decided in 1997 to start his own professional business built around helping others achieve their goals. Since then Peter is proud to say he have helped many clients, family and friends achieve their financial freedom

Michael Knight

Authorised Representative

Authorised Representative and Credit Representative of AMP Financial Planning

Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning)
Diploma of Finance & Mortgage Broking Management
Accredited Mortgage Consultant
Certificate IV in Financial Services (Finance/Mortgage Broking)

After spending a number of years in the banking and finance industry, Michael came into Financial Planning and truly witnessed how important our profession is to assist everyday people build wealth, protect their wealth and live happy productive lives.

Michael loves his team sports and believe that the client relationship we develop is a team mentality as we need to work together throughout the financial journey.

He believes in the significant role our business plays in people's lives and enjoys having "chats" with our clients on what is important to them and assisting them in the journey.

Sean Farrelly

Authorised Representative

Authorised Representative and Credit Representative of AMP Financial Planning

Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning)
Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking
Accredited Mortgage Consultant

Sean has been in the Financial Services Industry for over 10 years. During his high school years, he developed an interest in the financial markets and shares. Sean enjoys travelling and this took him to Japan where he lived for over 10 years. In Japan, Sean gained valuable experience in running several of his own businesses. Sean commenced his studies in Financial Planning whilst in Japan and returned to Australia to start his career in the Financial Services industry so that he could start making a difference to people's lives.

The financial profession has enabled Sean to engage with people of all financial and social backgrounds. Sean has a true passion for helping people achieve their life goals and successfully achieves this by educating clients on all aspects of the journey. Sean has invested in his continuous education and is able to assist clients across many strategic areas of advice.

Sean's goal is to assist his clients in achieving their financial and personal goals to enable them to live the lifestyles they desire both now and in the future.

Our goals coaches

Goals Coach

Client Support Specialist

Client Support Specialist

Terri McGuire

Goals Coach

Terri has always had a passion for helping people, completing her university qualifications in naturopathy and Midwifery and working in her own business and the Hospital system, Terri has developed exceptional skills to listen and help educate people to better understand how they can achieve their lives goals.

Terri is currently completing her Diploma in Financial Planning and has always been interested in helping people make the most of their lives. Being able to help coach people to better understand their finances and life goals is extremely important.

Financial advice to many people is equal to their health in matter of priority. Terri would like to help people better understand how their goals can become real by better understanding all aspects of the journey.

Terri's goal is to be there to help all clients recognise and realise their specific goals. Terri would like to ensure the process is simple, not complicated so clients are comfortable and well informed throughout the process.

Georgia Kersley

Client Support Specialist

Certificate III in Business

Georgia has a passion of being able to help people in any way that she can. Georgia loves working with the great team at Future Proof and has been able to use her passion and extensive knowledge in administration to help people move forward.

Georgia enjoys her role of helping clients and the process of preparing the required paperwork effectively and efficiently and getting things done so she can remove the stress and the hassle of the application process. Georgia has enjoyed learning from various experts and situations to be the best she can be and hopes to continue to evolve within this business.

Coming into the Financial Planning industry, Georgia has learned a lot in how we can achieve our goals in life. There is so much more to Financial Planning than meets the eye and that’s what makes it such a rewarding experience to be able to play a role in assisting others reach their goals. Everyone deserves the peace of mind of knowing that their goals are in good hands and that's why she love’s what she does.  

Courtney Brown

Client Support Specialist

Courtney joined Future Proof Financial Planning straight after leaving school, and have now been a part of the team for just over 3 years. She has completed two certificates in Business administration and under a watchful eye of our office manager Bev, Courtney has learnt more than she could imagine and am continually evolving in her role.

One of the most empowering aspects in this role has been the importance of people’s lives and their personal interests and helping them get to where they want to be. Being involved with such a diverse range of people, clients and industry experts every day makes a very interesting and exciting role.

Courtney loves the opportunity to be a part of making a difference in people’s lives. It is very rewarding to be able to help people in difficult times such as providing assistance through times of loss or injury or to celebrate the exciting times of congratulating clients on the settlement of their new home. She enjoys being able to remove the stress of the application process and ensuring the desired outcome is achieved. Putting clients and their goals first has always been a priority for her.

Courtney originally thought real estate was the career path she wanted to follow, however after joining such an active and caring financial planning business she has changed to want to learn more and more about this profession and become the best she can be.

Courtney never knew work could be fun, yes it can be challenging however very rewarding; being able to make such a positive difference to so many people’s lives is amazing.

Our support team

Client Support Specialist

Client Support Specialist

Catherine Ryan

Client Support Specialist

Catherine is the latest member to join this wonderful team at Future Proof Financial.

She has worked in the Finance Industry for most of her working life and loves being around people of all backgrounds. It is all about sharing and giving people the right information to make the best-informed decisions to achieve their financial goals. Catherine grew up in a multi-cultural environment and understands the respect people need, especially with their hard-earned funds.

Catherine believes we all have a common path in mind and that is to take care of those closest to us and give a hand up to all those we care for. This is why Catherine works in the finance industry, she especially loves watching clients grow towards and achieve the goals they have set out.

Catherine speaks with a variety of people on a daily basis, some may need help financially and others who may only be starting out or there are those at the end of their working life; all who want to achieve financial stability. It's good to be part of the team helping people live and manage their wealth to retirement.

She is surrounded by some of the best Financial Advisors in the business and it is through their work, diligence and passion; that our clients achieve their goals. It makes her happy to work with such a great company day to day!

Kristen Walsh

Client Support Specialist

Before joining Future Proof, Kristen didn't realise the importance of superannuation and how it builds wealth for the future. As a result of working in this industry, she has realised just what a necessary part superannuation plays in life.

Kristen finds great satisfaction in helping to ensure that client’s policies are performing efficiently so they are able to look forward to a secure financial future. She enjoys being able to take care of the paperwork side of things for clients as this is a very time consuming task when often they are time poor and unable to complete it themselves.

The team at Future Proof are passionate about people and achieving the best possible outcome for them.


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