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Managing your finances after an injury

If you or someone you are responsible for suffers a personal injury, having the right support can be a great relief, particularly when it comes to planning for your future and managing your finances for the long term.

That's why it's important to have a good team behind you, including the right financial adviser. This is where we can help.

We have a team of personal injury experts including financial advisers and lawyers who can help you finalise your financial management options and make the most of your compensation payment. Your financial adviser can also be there to help you stay on track with your finances to meet your ongoing needs.

Choosing a financial manager

If your injury prevents you from managing your finances by yourself, or you have a family member who has been injured, one of the first steps could be to appoint a financial manager (separate to your financial adviser) who’ll be responsible for the day to day management of your affairs. The financial manager appointed is either the state public trustee or a private manager, for example a family member or a trustee company.

Working together with your lawyer, we can help you understand your options and the process to appoint a financial manager, so you’re ready to take that step once your claim has settled.

How we work with your financial manager

Once a financial manager is appointed we can provide financial advice and develop a tailored plan to help you meet your goals and needs for the long term and arrange for your compensation payment to be invested. At every stage we work closely with you and your financial manager.

How we work with you

It's important to understand your financial options, how to manage your payment to suit your needs and be prepared for the future.

Our team of personal injury specialists includes financial advisers, lawyers and administrators. We're passionate about making a difference to the lives of those we're helping, exploring your goals, planning for the future and helping keep your finances on track.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Work with your lawyer as your case approaches settlement – we can prepare funds management reports to support your claim for costs, as well as certain court documents for your application to appoint a financial manager.
  • Develop a personalised financial plan that aims to make the most of your compensation payment in accordance with your needs —we work with you and your financial manager to help you meet your needs now and in the long term.
  • Assess the impact your payment may have on any government entitlements and advise on strategies to help protect or maximise them, plus those of your partner or carer.
  • Provide ongoing advice – if the financial manager engages us, or you choose our ongoing service,  we will review your financial plan. We can manage the impact of any changes in your personal circumstances, legislation and the economy, to help keep your finances on track.
  • Access the support and care you need – we can help identify and engage carers and treatment providers. We can also advise you on the purchase of a home, vehicle and equipment.

We take the time to listen to your concerns and understand what’s really important to you. You'll have your own personal financial adviser who will consult with you throughout the advice process and build a trusted relationship with you over the long term.

We're here to help

Our personal injury service gives you access to a specialist team who work to make the most of your compensation payment and be there for the long term to support your financial needs.

Our first meeting is complimentary and obligation free and we can come to you.

We discuss your situation, potential options and how we may be able to help.

We look forward to helping you make life decisions today that give you confidence that you’re prepared for tomorrow.

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