Witnessing the lightbulb moments

For our goals coaches, it's exciting to see the moment people gain clarity or uncover a goal that's been hiding in the back of their mind. We'd like to share some of these special moments with you.

Burning debt

Bernadette had a burning issue on her mind. She'd bought an investment property in a regional area that was now worth less than her mortgage. It was keeping her awake at night. And that’s not ideal when you're pregnant.

Then she went to a presentation in her workplace. It was all about goals and was presented by a local financial adviser. It was a whole new angle she wasn't expecting and she wanted to know more.

So late last year, she came in with her husband for a Goals Exploration session hoping AMP Advice could help her solve her financial worries.

Guided by a goals coach, Bernadette and her husband explored what was important to them and how they wanted their life to look. By the end of the session, Bernadette could feel a weight lifting. There was definitely light at the end of the tunnel and help was at hand.

She and her husband were excited to complete the whole Goals 360 journey. They made some tough choices along the way, but with the solutions their adviser recommended, their issues were sorted out and they had a plan to pay off all their debt in nine years. Armed with this, they're now ready to welcome their child into the world feeling relaxed and confident about their future.

And helping people like Bernadette and her husband is why their goals coach loves her job. 

You said what?

Taking time out to focus on what's important to you can raise topics that many couples haven't really spoken about or reveal something that's a total surprise.

One couple sat across the table as their goals coach asked them about their children's education. When asked how much they were prepared to pay for schooling the wife was quick to respond, saying $30,000 for private schooling.

Her husband's jaw dropped, 'You said what?'

It was a total surprise to him that his wife valued private education so highly, and much more than he did. He had no idea. It's just something they'd never discussed. 

Guided by their goals coach, they explored it more. The husband listened intently to his wife’s reasoning and motivation around education and by the end of that conversation, he was in total agreement. 

Being able to prompt these kinds of conversations is an important part of getting to know our clients. And really understanding you is the key to great advice. 

Pursue a passion… please!

A couple came in to explore their goals, saying the key one was to buy a larger house.

The husband had a big job during the week working long hours. And on weekends he felt his job was to work around the home. For him both ‘jobs’ were for his family. In a similar way, his wife worked hard at home for the family, focusing squarely on the three children and not at all on herself. Their goals coach asked each of them to talk more about their goal for a larger home. He wanted a bigger house to give his wife her own space.

She wanted a bigger house so the children and her husband had their own space. This was a surprise to both of them. Then the wife chose a goal for her husband—pursue a passion. Seeing him work so hard, she was desperate for him to do something just for him. But he was adamant he didn’t want this goal. So they talked some more to find out why. He thought it was selfish. He just couldn’t see how he could allow himself to have a passion.

Then he asked his wife why she hadn’t chosen that goal for herself. As it turned out, she couldn’t see how she could allow herself either, so focused on the family as she was. It was an emotional moment, particularly as each just wanted the best for the other. That’s also the moment they both agreed to have a goal to pursue a passion. So yes, a larger house is still on the list but their reasons for it are different – it’s now to create the space for each to focus on something for themselves.

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