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Product details and performance
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Fund information Details
Fund name Super Directions Fund
Australian business number (ABN) 78421957449
Registrable superannuation entity (RSE) R1056433
Superannuation fund number (SFN) 4904 989 97
Superannuation product identification number (SPIN)/
Unique superannuation identifier (USI)

Unit prices effective as at 21/07/2019

Diversified portfolios

Product Entry and exit prices
Guaranteed Plus 19.2006
Managed 227.011
Primary Managed 227.011
Primary Property Biased 111.7239
Property Biased 111.7239
Secure 27.2748
Security Plus 29.7277

Multi-manager Diversified portfolios

Product Entry and exit prices
Multi-Manager Balanced 45.8142
Multi-Manager Growth 24.6699
Multi-Manager High Growth 25.6846
Multi-Manager Secure 29.0821
Multi-Manager Secure Growth 20.682

MySuper Portfolios

Product Entry and exit prices
AMP SDF MySuper - 1950s 13.4371
AMP SDF MySuper - 1960s 14.1736
AMP SDF MySuper - 1970s 15.3038
AMP SDF MySuper - 1980s 15.492
AMP SDF MySuper - 1990s 15.3352
AMP SDF MySuper Capital Stable 13.1745


Product Entry and exit prices
Protection 1

Sector Portfolios

Product Entry and exit prices
Australian Equities 664.2191
Cash 55.2489
Diversified Fixed Interest 105.3656
International Equities 101.7018
Primary Cash 55.2489
Property 160.7181
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