Fund information Details
Fund name AMP Superannuation Savings Trust
Australian business number (ABN) 76514770399
Registrable superannuation entity (RSE) N/A
Superannuation fund number (SFN) N/A
Superannuation product identification number (SPIN)/
Unique superannuation identifier (USI)

Unit prices

Unit prices effective as at 15/12/2019

Multi Sector (Traditional)

Product Entry and exit prices
AMP Conservative 3.87739
Future Directions Conservative 2.08356
Moderately Conservative
AMP Moderate Growth 4.63195
Future Directions Moderately Conservative 2.40094
AMP Balanced Growth 5.77766
Future Directions Balanced 4.45419
Moderately Aggressive
AMP High Growth 3.04856
Future Directions Growth 3.12368
AMP All Growth 2.89914
Future Directions High Growth 3.22536
AMP Secure
AMP Secure Growth (Income Stream) 1

Single Sector Investment Options

Product Entry and exit prices
Cash & Short-Term Securities & Deposits
AMP Cash 2.16968
Fixed Interest - Enhanced Fixed Interest
AMP Australian Bond 2.53889
AMP International Bond 2.42634
BlackRock Global Bond 1.86349
Future Directions Australian Bond 1.87775
Future Directions International Bond 1.85382
Fixed Interest - Credit & FI Trading Strategies
BlackRock Income 1.43812
AMP Listed Property Trusts 5.15545
Specialist Property and Infrastructure 2.32688
Equities - Australian Equities
AMP Australian Share 9.79193
Arnhem Australian Equity 4.7101
Australian Share Index 4.31419
Bennelong Australian Equities 5.02672
Macquarie Australian Enhanced Equities 0.63508
Perennial Value Australian Share 4.35733
Perpetual Industrial Share 5.35488
Schroder Australian Equities 5.06486
Specialist Australian Shares 4.3971
Yarra Australian Equities 4.31557
Equities - Global Equities
AMP International Share 3.4198
BlackRock Scientific Hedged International Share 3.794
GMO International Share 0.68649
International Share Index 2.39924
Schroder Global Active Value 1.90943
Specialist International Shares 2.80102
Equities - Specialist Equities
Lazard Global Thematic 1.13908