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  2. Tax File Number

More about providing your Tax File Number

We are required to tell you the following details before you provide your Tax File Number (TFN) for your superannuation products.

Under the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993, superannuation funds are authorised to collect, use and disclose your Tax File Number (TFN). If you transfer your superannuation to another fund, we will give them your TFN, unless you tell us not to in writing.

You do not have to give us your TFN. However, by providing your TFN we can accept all permitted types of contributions, apply ordinary tax rates and it will assist to locate all your superannuation accounts, making it easier to combine accounts.

If you don’t provide us your TFN:

  • Contributions from your before-tax salary will be taxed at up to 47%
  • You won’t be able to make after-tax contributions to your super
  • You may not receive any co-contributions to which you’re entitled
  • It may be more difficult to find your super if you change address without notifying us or to combine any multiple super accounts you may have.

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