Supporting our customers

We help consumers build savings for the future

For more than 160 years, AMP has been dedicated to helping Australians and New Zealanders create financial security. Our products and services enable individuals, families and organisations to take control and own their tomorrow.

AMP contributes to the sustainability of its business and the communities it serves by using its expertise to:

  • provide high quality financial advice, products and services and investment to individuals and organisations
  • educate the community on the value of informed financial decisions
  • improve its resource efficiency and minimise its environmental impact
  • encourage good corporate governance
  • invest in the community through the AMP Foundation.

This is good business for us, but by helping consumers take responsibility for their own financial security in retirement, we believe we are also making an important contribution to a strong, sustainable economy.

Beyond the relationships we have with our own customers, we work to enhance Australia and New Zealand's retirement savings systems by sharing our experience and insights with government and the community. Our objective is to ensure that the regulatory approach provides incentives for long-term savings within an efficient and competitive financial services market and an informed community.

We believe passionately in the role quality financial advice plays in helping build future savings for consumers and we contribute to the increasing professionalism of the financial planning industry through active participation in industry groups and alliances.

Through online tools, published research and participation in public conversations about financial services issues, we work to help all consumers understand what they can do to build and protect their savings for the future.


We want to equip consumers with the right tools 

We demonstrate our commitment to consumers through the following activities:

  • research such as the AMP retirement adequacy index and the AMP.NATSEM income and wealth reports
  • consumer education such as web-based tools
  • engagement with government by participating in debates on financial issues
  • member seminars for our corporate clients through AMP@Work.

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We are working to minimise our environmental impact

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