Minimising our environmental impact

Improving our use of resources and protecting the environment

We are committed to creating a better tomorrow for our customers and our communities. This involves protecting our environment to help create a better tomorrow for everyone.

As one of the largest property managers in Australasia, we recognise the importance of improving the resource efficiency of our company and minimising our carbon footprint. In 2013, AMP achieved its aim of becoming carbon neutral.


We contribute to initiatives that benefit the environment

AMP Capital, as a major commercial property manager, is an active participant in industry initiatives designed to better understand and minimise environmental impacts and to set best-practice benchmarks. We work closely with tenants across our portfolio to increase energy efficiency in the buildings we own and manage. This includes those buildings tenanted by AMP.

We are a:

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In 2015, total greenhouse gas emissions for AMP were 25,194 tonnes, a 9% reduction on 2014. Our carbon emissions data, outlined below, is calculated in accordance with AMP's greenhouse gas reporting criteria

AMP also maintained our carbon neutral position, purchasing and retiring 25,194 carbon offsets from projects that deliver environmental and community benefits.  Further details are provided in the AMP annual report and community report.

AMP’s carbon emissions data for 2015

Emissions 20151
% reduction
Scope 1 + 2 emissions 15,853 14 18,360 20,830 22,204 18,828 12,263 13,067
Scope 3 emissions 9,341 (1) 9,282 11,592 15,830 18,015 9,545 8,843
Total emissions 25,194 9 27,642 32,422 38,033 36,843 21,808 21,910
Carbon offsets retired 25,194   27,642 32,422 27,078 16,069 9,545 8,843
Target Carbon neutral   Carbon neutral Carbon neutral 50% below 2009 (incl. AXA) 50% below 2009 (incl. AXA) offset all
air travel
offset all
air travel

1Emissions are measured in tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e). EY have provided assurance of AMP’s 2013, 2014 and 2015 emissions data, A copy of the statement can be found here.

2In March 2011, AMP merged with AXA Asia Pacific Holdings Limited’s Australian and New Zealand businesses (AXA). 2011 includes changes in AMP’s emissions profile due to additional AXA tenancies and air travel associated with the merger and business integration activities.

From 2014 – 2016, we will focus on the following areas to further minimise our environment impact:

  • reducing total greenhouse gas emissions by a further 15%
  • maintaining carbon neutrality
  • increasing waste recycling rates at our major tenancies
  • reducing impacts from office-based paper consumption
  • incorporating environmental considerations in our purchasing decisions
  • encouraging employee work practices that improve our environmental performance through AMP’s Green Tomorrow initiative.

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