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The AMP Foundation is one of Australia’s largest, independently-funded corporate foundations. Since its inception in 1992, it has invested more than $108 million into the Australian community to help organisations and individuals bring about positive change.

We support non-profits that help disadvantaged Australians build their financial security. We also help AMP employees and financial advisers to give back to the community through pro bono work, mentoring, volunteering, fundraising and payroll giving.

The AMP Foundation also helps individuals who are making a difference in the community through AMP’s Tomorrow Fund. This is our annual $1 million grants program that has been running since 2014, supporting Australians from all walks of life make a difference in their community. 

We also invest part of our capital in social benefit financial instruments and social enterprises that achieve both a commercial return, as well as demonstrated social or environmental outcomes.

The AMP Foundation takes a strategic approach to philanthropy by working with a small group of non-profit organisations that help improve financial wellbeing in the community, including: 

  • Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand is a financial inclusion leader that, through an AMP Foundation-funded program, provides expert support to AMP clients facing financial hardship.
  • Cancer Council. The AMP Foundation has been funding the Cancer Council Pro Bono Program since 2010. This national initiative enables financial advisers to provide free advice to people affected by cancer who could not otherwise afford it.
  • Tender Funerals Australia, helps communities create local social enterprises that deliver affordable and meaningful funerals to people who often become indebted for many years after the death of a loved one.
  • Variety Queensland supports children who are ill, disadvantaged or living with disability. It is piloting a financial counselling service for the families of these children.
  • Wesley Mission provides a range of community services, including financial counselling. The AMP Foundation is funding its financial counselling intern service to increase the number of financial counsellors in Australia. 

We help AMP’s people to share their time, skills and resources with a range of non-profits, including: 

  • Global Sisters, which helps disadvantaged women to create and run successful businesses.
  • The Funding Network, supporting grassroots charities through live crowdfunding events.  

For more, see our ‘How we are governed and operatedocument.

The AMP Foundation is proactive in identifying the areas it invests in and then invites organisations to partner with it. As such, it does not accept unsolicited submissions for funding.


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