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The AMP Foundation

Founded in 1992, the AMP Foundation is the main vehicle through which AMP invests in the community. It operates a series of trusts and is governed by an independent board.

The AMP Foundation’s goal is to help create a better tomorrow for everyone - especially those facing challenges accessing education and employment opportunities. 

We help people to help themselves by supporting non-profit organisations that give disadvantaged Australians life-changing learning and work opportunities.

We also help people to help others. The AMP Foundation supports AMP employees and financial advisers to share their time, skills and resources with those in need, and back amazing Australians doing great things in the community through our AMP Tomorrow Fund $1 million grants program. 

Our community partners

The AMP Foundation takes a strategic approach to philanthropy by forming long-term partnerships with a small group of non-profit organisations. We typically provide support for growth funding, which enables an organisation to grow or a program to be replicated, or core infrastructure to fund a vital role.

Our partners include:

  • First Australians Capital helps Indigenous entrepreneurs to access capital and grow sustainable businesses. The AMP Foundation is a founding partner.
  • Global Sisters supports disadvantaged women to create and run successful small businesses.
  • The Stroke Association of Victoria (SAV) runs Stay at Work, which helps working-aged people in the Geelong region who have suffered a stroke in employment.
  • STREAT runs a series of hospitality social enterprises in Melbourne that provide training and employment support for at-risk youth.
  • Wesley Mission operates the Take Charge Of Your Life program, which helps young people in the Sydney/Central Coast region transitioning from the care system to move into employment.  
  • The Conversation is an independent online news network that sources articles from the academic community. Our funding helps shine a light on employment obstacles and solutions.
  • Vanguard Laundry Services is a Toowoomba social enterprise that employs and supports people with a lived experienced of mental illness.
  • Clontarf Foundation uses football as a tool to improve the education, discipline, life skills and employment prospects of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men.
  • Settlement Services International (SSI) supports the settlement of refugees in Australia, including helping them to secure sustainable employment.
  • The Funding Network Australia is an innovative non-profit that supports grassroots charities through live crowdfunding events. The AMP Foundation is a founding partner.

The AMP Foundation also funds the AMP Cancer Council Pro Bono Program, which enables AMP financial advisers to provide free advice to people affected by cancer.                                     

Funding and governance

AMP Foundation has a capital base, or corpus, which AMP has contributed to through donations of money and shares. We use the investment income from the corpus to fund community investment initiatives, as well as fund our running costs.

To learn more read our AMP Foundation: how we are governed and operate document.

Also see our Key Trends and Best Practices in Philanthropy: An AMP Foundation and SVA perspective, a scan of the global and national giving landscape, and the 2018 AMP sustainability report

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The AMP Foundation does not accept unsolicited submissions for funding.

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