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Taking our responsibilities as an employer and contributor to community seriously

People are central to our success

We want to improve the lives of our customers, shareholders, employees, business partners and community by being a truly inclusive and supportive business that brings out the best in our people, and for the people we serve.

Inclusion and diversity

AMP believes in a diverse and inclusive culture where diverse thoughts, ideas and experiences drive better ideas and solutions for our customers and a supportive culture for all employees to perform at their best.

AMP has identified four key ways to increase diversity and inclusion:

Committed and inclusive leadership

Our leaders are supported to create an inclusive culture that helps people play to their strengths and deliver the best results. In our 2016 employee engagement survey, 92% of employees said their manager genuinely supports equality between women and men and 89% said their manager actively supports flexible working arrangements.

Merit-based policies and practices

We focus on equality when we recruit, develop, promote and reward our people, as well as recognise their performance. This includes having gender-balanced recruitment shortlists, developing female leaders, reviewing our pay and performance outcomes and providing policies and practices, such as flexible work, that support all our people.

Decision-making and voice

The diverse thinking across our business is vital in helping us better understand our customers and helps us meet their needs. We use a human-centred design approach to listen to the needs of our customers and guide the design of our processes, products and services.

Measurement, accountability and rewards

We have set strong diversity targets and believe meeting these targets will deliver better results for our business. AMP also conducts an annual pay equity review to identify, analyse and address potential areas of inequity. This commitment is expressly outlined in AMP's remuneration policy.

Gender equality

Gender equality is at the forefront of our inclusion and diversity work, and we have made strong progress in increasing the number of women in AMP’s most senior roles as a result.

In 2016, for the second year, we were honoured to be named an Employer of Choice for Gender Equality by the Federal Government's Workplace Gender Equality Agency. Also in 2016, we appointed four new women to AMP’s management team and were proud to appoint Catherine Brenner as the first female Chairman of the AMP Limited Board.

AMP has challenging gender diversity targets. By the end of 2020, we want women to hold half of our middle-management roles and 47% of senior executive roles. We are also aiming for gender balance on our boards with a 40:40:20 target, whereby boards are made up of 40% women, 40% men and 20% either women or men. AMP conducts an annual pay equity review to identify, analyse and address potential areas of gender inequity. This commitment is expressly outlined in AMP’s remuneration policy.

Supporting and developing our people

We want to build an environment that helps people make decisions and take actions that have genuine value and influence. We provide a range of development and career opportunities to help employees learn and improve together and reach their potential. These include secondments, mentoring, cross-team projects, online learning, external study and development programs.

Ongoing development is key at AMP. We know that developing employees who are resilient, resourceful and collaborative is a sound investment for the business and our community.

How we manage and reward performance clearly signals to all leaders and employees what we value and expect. In 2016 we began the transformation of our performance management system with the introduction of a new performance philosophy called Perform@AMP – Performance is always learning and improving – together. We expect employees to perform for themselves, for AMP, and most importantly for our customers.

We also have the AMP Practices, which are based on the help our customers have told us they want: expert, proactive and personalised, and effortless (our Customer Value Proposition). As well as guiding employees on how we interact with customers, the practices guide us on how we interact with each other. We believe that in order to deliver a specific experience for our customers – the experience defined by our Customer Value Proposition – we need to behave in the same way when working together.

Our aim is to attract, motivate and retain exceptional employees who strive to help our customers and create value for our shareholders.

Employee benefits

AMP understands that life is not all about work. This is why we provide benefits that help our employees stay on top of their finances, family time, health and social lives. AMP's employees benefits include:

  • a purchase leave scheme
  • preferential access to a Sydney-based childcare centre and generous paid parental leave
  • discounted offers for financial products and services, including mortgage rates, employee superannuation plan, insurance benefits, discounted SMSF administration, and financial planning support
  • 12% employer superannuation contributions
  • the chance to salary sacrifice gym memberships, childcare fees, super contributions, car parking or novated leases
  • regular health and wellbeing programs, and on-site gyms at some office locations
  • third-party discounts through our online discount program, AMP Advantage
  • access to a free, confidential counselling and advice service for employees and their immediate family
  • dollar-matching for employee fundraising, and volunteering opportunities.

LGBTIQ inclusion

AMProud is a community group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and questioning (LGBTIQ) employees and their supporters. Through the group, AMP aims to promote a diverse and inclusive environment where employees can confidently present themselves and feel free to talk about their family and life. The group is open to all AMP employees, regardless of sexual orientation.

Healthy and agile workplaces

At our Sydney CBD headquarters at 33 Alfred Street, a refurbishment project is helping us reduce our environmental impact. It also improves health and wellbeing through the use of sit-to-stand desks and standing collaboration areas.

With its variety of working spaces and mobile technology support, this project encourages flexible working practices, greater co-operation and agility. The use of stairs instead of elevators for short journeys between floors is also promoted. We have used similar workplace principles across projects in Adelaide and expect more AMP workplaces to adopt these new ways of working in the future.

AMP believes in 'good work' and is a signatory to the Royal Australasian College of Physicians' consensus statement on 'good work' and the role it plays in the wellbeing of individuals.

Supporting our customers

AMP wants to take the mystery out of managing money; to make the complex simple. We do this by giving people the know-how and tools to take control of their finances.

Our Q&AMP website provides answers to financial questions, while has budget planners, debt-reduction calculators and relevant news.

Relevant research

Every year since 2002, AMP and the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling (NATSEM) have produced a series of reports that open windows on Australian society, the way we live and work, and our financial and personal aspirations. AMP publishes these reports to help the community make informed financial and lifestyle decisions and to contribute to important social and economic policy debate.

Helping our customers achieve their goals

In 2016, we introduced a new way to deliver quality financial advice to Australians through AMP Advice; the only advice business in Australia in which everything is centred on the personal goals of customers.

AMP Advice, through the AMP Goals 360 experience, brings to life the benefits of financial advice for customers by focusing the entire process on what customers want to achieve. AMP Advice combines digital interaction with personalised expert advice to help customers explore, plan track and most importantly, realise their goals.

How we listen, learn and act on customer feedback

AMP continues to invest in improving our customers' experiences with us. It is one of the measures we use to judge how well we meet our customers' and business partners' needs and expectations.

The Net Promoter System (NPS) is an important part of our customer strategy. It is one of the measures we use to judge how well we meet our customers' and business partners' needs and expectations.

NPS is also how we listen to customers and business partners, learn from it and drive real change and improvement. 

More than 1,200 employees are involved in NPS, with 130 teams engaging in weekly huddles to discuss customer feedback and actions to address pain points and ways to improve our service and offering.

In the time since NPS has been implemented, we have managed more than 170,000 responses from customers, advisers and business partners. We've made many improvements as a result of NPS feedback, like more payments methods, SMS notifications, and simpler voice prompts when customers call us.

Culturally, NPS is driving a culture of continuous improvement that is fuelled by customer feedback. It is one of the measures we use to judge how well we meet our customers' needs and expectations and, in turn, how well we honour our promise to help people own tomorrow.

The AMP Foundation

The AMP Foundation's goal is to help ensure a better tomorrow for everyone, especially for those who are facing challenges in accessing education and employment opportunities. Since 1992 the AMP Foundation has distributed more than $85 million to help charities and individuals make a positive impact on communities in Australia and New Zealand. In 2016, the AMP Foundation distributed $5.2 million and is projected to give more than $5.7 million in 2017. 

We also support AMP employees and financial advisers to share their time, skills and resources with people in need. Each year, AMP’s Tomorrow Fund offers amazing Australians doing great things the chance to share in $1 million in grants. Read more.

View the AMP Foundation community report

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