Corporate sustainability

We are committed to building a sustainable future and creating long-term, shared value for our customers, shareholders, employees, the community and the environment.

We believe in managing our business sustainably for today and for the long-term; to build shared value and create a better tomorrow for our communities.

We know the performance of our business is influenced by a range of intangible factors and a significant part of our company value is driven by, not what can be seen, but by what lies beneath the surface.

That's why our sustainability focus is about finding better ways of working to deliver the best outcomes for our people and our customers, reducing our environmental footprint now and in the future, governing fairly with the right expertise, returning value to our shareholders, and investing in the community. We believe that by anticipating and responding to issues that may impact the future prosperity of our communities, we can help create a better tomorrow.

Corporate sustainability at AMP encompasses a broad range of matters including:

  • Environmental management (natural resource use, waste, pollution, environmental management practices, and greenhouse gas emissions);
  • People and workplace (workplace health and safety, inclusion and diversity, employee engagement, serving our customers, and community investment);
  • Corporate responsibility (board composition and independence, corporate accountability, compliance, accounting and audit quality, and responsible investing);
  • Community investment (investing in the community through the AMP Foundation, volunteering and fundraising opportunities for AMP employees, investment in financial knowledge for customers and the community)

Environmental management

Sound environmental management also makes sound business sense for AMP. We assess our environmental risks and opportunities across our business and the investments that are managed by AMP Capital.

AMP has actively pursued a range of waste, energy and emission-reduction initiatives since 2002, when we released our first Environmental Policy and AMP Capital signed up to the Carbon Disclosure Project.

People and workplace

Our policies and practices are designed to help us attract, develop, promote, reward, engage and retain our people to they can act with integrity to help customers and deliver within AMP's performance culture. We believe these are the keys to building a customer-focused, dynamic and respected company. We provide a safe and inclusive work environment where our people can thrive and feel connected to our business.

View our code of conduct

Corporate responsibility

Our promise is to help people own tomorrow. This is a responsibility we take seriously and our governance framework is designed to provide the right structure and review processes to deliver on our promise for many years to come.

Our corporate governance takes in a range of factors including engaging with our shareholders, the composition and responsibilities of our board and committees, how we manage risk, and acting ethically and responsibly. Read more.

View our corporate governance statement

View our corporate governance charter

Community investment

We also invest in the community through the AMP Foundation, by supporting organisations that give disadvantaged Australians life-changing learning and work opportunities, and supporting AMP employees and financial advisers to share their time, skills and resources with people in need. Read more.

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