Practice efficiency

Easier ways to write insurance

Enabling practice efficiencies

We can adjust our service to how you choose to do business - from high-tech to low-tech and all points in between. We are committed to helping you run your practice efficiently so that you can spend more time focussing on your clients and building a profitable business.

Some of the keys ways we help you include:

Quote and apply online

AMP makes it easier to quote and apply for insurance with Elevate Online (EOL). Designed with adviser needs in mind, we aim to reduce your cost to serve and enabling you to spend more time running your practice.

  • A great look and feel makes it easy to keep track of quotes and applications.
  • Dynamic plan summaries show changes as you make them.
  • Access on iPads and tablets lets you quote and apply while on the go.
  • Offer wider options to your clients ie different super and non super premiums frequencies; or specify stepped and part level premium types at the same time.
  • Track new applications on our adviser Portal from submission, through telephone interview and personal statement (TPS), right up to being in-force.

Try it out today.


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We strive to deliver an underwriting process that is both easy and convenient for you and your clients.

  • 24-hour commitment from receipt of the personal statement to completing the initial underwriting assessment.
  • 50% of all new business applications are offered terms on first touch.
  • Telephone underwriting removes delays and avoids the need to obtain 3rd party medical evidence to support decisions.
  • 4-hour turnaround on quotes for increases and alterations on inforce business.

You’ll be supported with personalised expertise by our Field Underwriting Service. Our underwriters can visit you and offer support on large or complex cases, education and training. With many years of financial protection experience, they share a commitment to ensuring speedy and appropriate cover for your clients.

We aim for the best balance of speed and accountability in underwriting. We utilise the full depth of your state team to get the right decision quickly but ensure accountability by having the underwriter call you about every case lodged.

Tele-interview service

Our Tele-interview service makes it easy and convenient for your clients to provide the personal information we need to complete an insurance application. You can make a booking for your client via the online booking form on Portal or we can call your client and schedule the Tele-interview.

We have a short video and brochure to explain how a Tele-interview works and the importance of understanding the duty of disclosure. These tools can help your clients prepare prior to the interview and feel more at ease about the information they need to provide.

Not only does this streamlined approach make applying for insurance simple, you are set to benefit by gaining more time to focus on your core business: quality financial advice.


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DocuSign gives your clients the ability to electronically sign and return Revised Terms documents online. The focus of DocuSign is to improve efficiency and turnaround time by making it easier and more convenient for clients. 


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Our online pre-assessment service means there are no surprises and a swifter application process down the track. Apply for underwriting pre-assessment via:

  • email – contact us directly at
  • online - visit Portal and My Business > Create new > Underwriting pre-assessment,
  • or form – on Portal and Forms & Tools > Product forms > Planner forms > Insurance > Underwriting > Underwriting pre-assessment (form: 800.10.0).

Documents and downloads

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For the latest Elevate adviser collateral visit Portal > Products > Marketing > Insurance > Elevate

Important information

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The AMP Elevate Healthy Start discount is available between 2 December 2017 to 2 December 2019. However, we reserve the right to change elements of the discount over the campaign period, including switching it off, extending it, or replacing it with an alternative offer. Adviser commissions are calculated after the discount has been applied.

Any advice on this website is general in nature and is provided by the AMP Life Limited (AMP Life). AMP Elevate is issued by AMP Life and N.M. Superannuation Proprietary Limited (N.M. Super). 

The advice does not take into account your client's personal objectives, financial situation or needs. Therefore, before your clients act on this advice, they should consider the appropriateness of this advice having regard to those matters and consider the product disclosure statement before making a decision about the product.

This information is provided by AMP Life Limited. Read our Financial Services Guide for information about our services, including the fees and other benefits that AMP companies and their representatives may receive in relation to products and services provided to you. All information on this website is subject to change without notice.