Insurance claims and client care

Enhancing your client value proposition

Our claims approach

To help your clients achieve the best life they can, we want to provide more than just financial support. Our aim is to do more to help in the long-term and help clients and their families every step of the way.

We have improved the way we manage income protection (IP)/ temporary incapacity (TI) insurance claims as well as our retail and corporate lump sum insurance claims ie trauma, temporary and permanent disablement (TPD).

Supporting Australians with chronic pain

With 1 in 5 Australians suffering from chronic pain, its an issue many deal with daily. 1

Find out how our supportive approach could help your clients.

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Helping Mitchell get back to work

Mitchell, an AMP customer with income protection, speaks about the incredible effect a return to work goal and the support of his case manager had on his recovery. See Mitchell's story

Benefits for your clients

  • Proactive and early intervention case management practices
  • Simple and more personal interactions driven through conversations and not forms
  • Sound and evidence based decision making
  • A tailored approach that focuses on the individuals circumstances
  • Rehabilitation and return to work support

What it means for you

  • Less time and effort on paperwork and more time to spend with clients
  • More proactive contact by case managers throughout the lifecycle of a claim
  • Reassurance that your client has been given the support they need to reach their goals

Important information

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1. NSW Government Health website, August 2018

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