Clients approaching retirement are often concerned about market volatility and how major market downturns could impact their standard of living in retirement. MyNorth Guarantees can help safeguard your clients’ wealth. We have introduced new guarantees that are more flexible and easier to use.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what’s coming:

  • Partially guaranteed accounts that’ll allow clients to hold guaranteed and non-guaranteed investments in the same account.
  • 5-year guarantee that’ll protect your client’s investment in the MyNorth Guardian Max 85 Fund. This fund provides up to 85% exposure to growth assets. Optional growth lock-ins will secure growth achieved in the fund at each anniversary date.
  • 10-year guarantee that’ll protect your client’s investment in the MyNorth Guardian Max 100 Fund. This fund provides up to 100% exposure to growth assets. Growth lock-ins are a set feature, and vesting is optional. Vesting provides clients access to the guarantee benefit before the end of the term.

Hear more about the new guarantees from AMP’s Chief Investment Officer, Lakshman Anantakrishnan, about how they can help safeguard your clients’ savings from market lows and grow them during market highs.

Want more details?

Visit our guarantees webpage for details on the changes and the support materials and tools available.

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