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What is Adviser Pathways?

Adviser Pathways is AMP’s Adviser Academy’s flagship program. We help talented individuals to reach their goal of becoming a financial adviser, through a blended learning program.

You’ll receive personalised coaching and mentoring every step of the way. You are supported as you undertake comprehensive education and training while working in real roles, dealing with real clients and real financial scenarios.

What does the pathway to becoming a financial adviser look like?

You are unique, and your Adviser Pathway will be too. It will depend on your qualifications, experience and the type of skills you have. But, wherever you start your journey, the program offers a clear learning and development structure, providing you with the opportunity to craft the skills you’ll need to be a successful financial adviser.

The program is flexible, allowing you to develop as quickly as your skills allow. Typically, it will take between two and three years to complete, depending on where you begin. Over that time, you will build the capabilities required and gain the experience you need to progress. At the end, you’ll be able to provide personalised, face to face financial advice.  

Is Adviser Pathways right for me?

When it comes to choosing a place to start your career in financial advice, it’s important to think about how it aligns with your personal career goals, values and aspirations. Take our quick quiz to find out if Adviser Pathways could be right for you

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Why AMP?

What does a career in financial advice look like at AMP?

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What are the benefits of Adviser Pathways?

1 Personalised coaching and mentoring from our experienced team so you can build the skills and capabilities you need. We’ll support you every step of the way. 
2 Comprehensive training – so you feel confident in your abilities as a financial adviser. The program has flexibility that enables you to develop as fast your skills allow. 
3 Learn on the job and enjoy helping real clients. You’ll be employed by AMP as you work on building your knowledge and expertise through education and practical experience.  
4 Be part of an organisation that provides client-focussed advice. Helping clients achieve their goals and own tomorrow is at the heart of everything we do.
5 Development opportunities through our partnerships with major industry bodies and leading education providers. We are the only licensee in Australia who, to date, has formed a strategic partnership with a university to deliver a FASEA approved qualification.
6 The opportunity to take your long-term career destination in the direction that suits you. Whether you want to work in a large or boutique practice, re-locate to another city or interstate, or even move into another area of the advice industry, AMP has the scale to help support your career goals.

Find out more about the Adviser Pathways program

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Adviser Pathways Program Information

The program 

Phase 1: 6 months (average)

What you’ll be doing

As part of our customer engagement team, you’ll be talking to real AMP customers on the phone –providing them with general advice on various services and offers that could help them navigate their finances better. You’ll receive training, mentoring and coaching to help you build your skills and capabilities.

What you'll be learning

  • Building rapport with customers
  • Working as part of a team
  • Enhancing your verbal communication skills
  • Engaging with customers in a compliant and ethical manner
  • Building on your financial services knowledge

Phase 2: 6 weeks

What you’ll be doing

During this time, we’ll be setting you up for success for the next stage of the Program. You’ll take part in 6 weeks of blended learning via the AMP Adviser Academy and Griffith University.

What you’ll be learning

Financial planning skills

Subject areas include:

  • Client engagement skills
  • Advice compliance including Best interest duty and other regulatory obligations
  • Psychology of advice
  • Technical & Strategies
  • Financial planning tools
  • Advice process and systems

You will need to pass this phase in order to progress to Phase 3

Phase 3: 12–18 months (average)

What you’ll be doing

Your ‘Professional Year’ begins. You will receive your Representative status meaning you are now licensed to provide personal financial advice. You’ll be part of the phone-based team, delivering scoped and comprehensive advice to AMP clients. You’ll put into practice the skills learnt in Phases 1 & 2 and help clients to achieve their goals through the strategies and solutions you recommend.

What you’ll be learning

  • Providing quality advice in the best interests of your client
  • Increasing your technical knowledge of financial services including Superannuation and Insurance
  • Identifying areas where Advice could help your client achieve their goals.
  • Having fee for service conversations
  • Effective implementation of your clients’ strategies
  • Building on your understanding of behavioural finance
  • Preparing for your first audit

How we’ll support you

  • Through regular live or on-demand education sessions, so you feel equipped to do your job to the highest standard
  • Frequent structured coaching and mentoring, delivered through your line manager and AMP Coach, helping you work on the areas you need to
  • Providing you with the opportunity to regularly connect with your cohort, share experiences and learn from your peers.

Phase 4: 6–12 months (average)

Once you have completed Phase 3 you’ll have the choice to continue delivering phone-based advice, or move into providing face-to-face advice to clients. This may be as an Associate Adviser within an AMP Advice practice, or one of our advice businesses in the broader AMP advice licensee network. You’ll work with your Manager or AMP Coach to decide the next step in your journey, so that can achieve your long-term career goals.

Adviser Pathways program Pre-requisites:

  • Australian or New Zealand citizen or permanent resident
  • An approved FASEA degree e.g. Bachelor of Commerce (Financial Planning) or Master of Financial Planning

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  • Australian or New Zealand citizen or permanent resident
  • An approved FASEA degree e.g. Bachelor of Commerce (Financial Planning) or Master of Financial Planning

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