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AMP Adviser Academy

Prerequisites and qualifications

In order to apply for the AMP Adviser Academy you must have:

  • Australian citizenship or permanent residency
  • An unrestricted driving license for your state or territory
  • RG146 tier 1 compliance in Financial Planning, Managed Investments, Life Insurance, Superannuation, Generic knowledge and Adviser skills
  • A University Degree

When you apply for the AMP Adviser Academy, you will connect with the AMP Horizons team who will take you through a selection process to determine whether this is the most suitable pathway for you. You will be required to complete an online assessment, attend an interview with your consultant and undergo background screening.

Financial planning skills

Your journey through the AMP Adviser Academy starts by completing a six week Financial Planning Skills unit which is one of the subjects of the Master of Financial Planning with Griffith University. During this unit you start to bring to life the knowledge you have learned in your qualifications in a practical manner.

The first three weeks are online and you will be required to attend a three week residential at AMP Horizons in St Leonards, Sydney for the last three weeks. You will need to pay approximately $2,750 for this subject and you may receive this fee back in the form of an education grant should you continue with AMP Horizons Practice. You will also receive credit should you decide to continue your study towards a Master of Financial Planning with Griffith University.

Financial planning practice

Should you be successful in completing the skills unit, you will have the opportunity to continue with the AMP Adviser Academy by taking part in a 22 week paid work placement in the Horizons financial planning practice.  Here you will work as a financial adviser servicing clients under the guidance of AMP coaches.

In order to become employed in the Horizons practice you will need to undergo a selection process with a Horizons team member who will conduct an interview with you involving a number of activities and carry out some further background screening.

Where to next?

Upon successfully completing the AMP Horizons Practice 22 weeks, it is AMP’s intention to retain you as a valued financial adviser within its network. Your Recruitment Consultant and coaches will continue working with you to pursue suitable opportunities and provide continued support, coaching and mentoring for you and the practice in which you are employed.
Not only is there an opportunity for you to be employed as a financial adviser, AMP will also support suitable candidates in starting their own financial advice business under the AMP banner. From your initial connection with us, your Horizons team member will work with you to ascertain which of these options are most suited to you based on your skills, experience, circumstances and career objectives.

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