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A. Great! You want to apply. All the details are on our Apply now page

A. Financial advice isn't the right career for everyone. That's why, at AMP Adviser Academy, we have a rigorous selection in process in place to ensure that you have precisely what it takes to truly succeed. We want you to love this profession as much as we do. So, if you meet our pre-requisites and can answer ‘yes' to each of the following statements, you might be pleased to discover that this really is the right career move for you.

You believe that… financial wellness is an integral aspect of life satisfaction and that every Australian should have the opportunity to create the future of their dreams.

You think that… wowing customers and exceeding their expectations is of paramount importance. At the same time, you're an analytical thinker, and are self-aware enough to know your personal strengths and limitations.

You feel that… ultimately you are responsible for the results you generate. Your resourcefulness enables you to take advantage of the many support networks available within AMP from which you can attain information and help. You're energised by knowing your job makes a real difference to people's lives.

You're aware that… it's an enormous privilege to have a client trust you with the management of their life savings. That's why you're committed to the highest standards of industry excellence, making sure to always behave in a manner that's compliant and ethical.

You're conscious that… building meaningful relationships with clients means you must communicate openly, honestly and authentically. You make a concerted effort to get along with people, even when they're different to you.

You accept that… Financial advice is a profession full of complexities, and so you're careful to use language that explains difficult concepts in a way that's easily understandable.

You acknowledge that… sometimes what you don't say communicates more than what you do say, and so you endeavour to adopt a tone of voice and/or body language that's both trusting and comfortable.

A. If you've never been to see an adviser before, we strongly recommend you do. Not only will you understand more about how important this profession is and what a difference it can make, it will also give you the opportunity to speak to people in the industry and ask them what they love about their work.

Below is a basic list of activities that you would typically undertake as part of your role:

  • Meticulously provide quality financial advice to new and existing clients
  • Remain compliant, ethical and professional in every aspect of your duties
  • Actively pursue new business opportunities
  • Unearth each client's underlying needs before forming any conclusions
  • Recommend appropriate strategies based on those needs and goals
  • Actively maintain contact with clients so that relationships are nurtured
  • Stay in contact with colleagues so that your network remains strong
  • Undertake reviews so that you're aware of changes to your clients' lives
  • Focus intently on results, keeping track of your progress and objectives
  • Keep up-to-date on movements and changes within the industry
  • Continually refine your presentation skills
  • Stay on top of the administrative tasks necessary for success as an adviser
  • Share new knowledge with your colleagues so that everyone benefits
  • Be well organised and prepared for each client meeting in advance
  • Positively collaborate with AMP's service partners
  • Taking initiative by demonstrating the attributes of self-leadership.

A. Depending on the program you have applied for, a variety of interviews, assessments, background and reference checks will be conducted.

We understand that interviews and assessments can be daunting so our team will talk you through each step as up get there to make sure you are comfortable before you begin.

AMP wants to retain you as a valued financial adviser within its network.  Your recruitment consultant will work with you to pursue suitable opportunities

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