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AMP Horizons opened in Sydney’s St Leonards in October 2007. With more and more people considering a career in financial advice, AMP established Horizons to meet the growing need by offering a range of financial advice courses. Horizons is recognised as an industry leader in the education and development of financial advisers.

Our courses have been designed for aspiring financial advisers from all professional backgrounds and provide structured pathways into the financial advice profession to help deliver AMP’s promise to provide more advice to more Australians.

Since its inception, Horizons has established a strong track record of graduates who’ve gone on to successful financial advice careers, making a valuable contribution to their clients’ livelihoods.

The result? Quality advice making a real difference in more people’s lives.

What we do

AMP Horizons is a national centre of excellence dedicated to the sourcing, education and development of financial advisers.

We support the growth and professionalism of AMP’s financial advice footprint by providing education and development for current advisers while also recruiting and training new advisers through our courses.

Our team works to find results-driven, entrepreneurial individuals with strong communication skills and a genuine interest in helping people achieve their financial goals.

Why Horizons?

Starting a new career is a life-changing decision – so it’s important to choose an organisation that offers security, experience and support to give you the best possible start.

AMP Horizons is part of AMP which is Australia’s largest non-bank wealth management business, with a long and proud history of helping clients since 1849. Financial advice is at the core of our business and we believe that our financial advisers play an important role in making a real difference in people’s lives. If you’re considering a career in financial advice, our vast adviser network across Australia offers you an array of career options under the one roof.

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