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Why financial advice?

It's a profession that genuinely helps people

– Have you ever stopped to consider the difference a financial adviser can make in their client's lives? What they do every day – what you could be doing every day – is working hard to enrich people's lives. For every major milestone that people experience, a trusted financial adviser should be there to lend a helping hand, whether it's getting married or getting divorced, having kids or moving overseas, being promoted or starting a business, buying a home or saving for retirement.

A dedicated financial adviser can make these experiences a little less stressful and a little more comforting. Every client is different, and that means every conversation, every financial plan, every approach is also unique.

–   Yes, you'll be challenged. Yes, you'll be busy. Yes, you'll be inspired (and inspiring!). But there's one thing you're unlikely to ever be, and that's bored.

The satisfaction of working with people ... and numbers

–   Some jobs require you to work on numbers and technical problems. Other jobs require you to be more creative and to collaborate with people. But wouldn't it be great to have a job that allows you to do both? That's the reality of a career as a financial adviser. Your numerical aptitude will be engaged whenever you're putting together detailed financial plans, researching taxation strategies, and balancing budgets. Your people skills will be engaged when you're prospecting for new clients, building relationships with existing ones, and maintaining meaningful connections for many years to come.

The excitement of joining a growing profession

–   With only around 20% of Australians having a financial adviser, there are millions of people who are going through life without the valuable guidance of a professional who can help them fund the life of their dreams. This means the financial planning profession has the potential to not only grow, but to boom.

The joy of having a diverse and meaningful career

–   Financial advice is a career that provides you with an abundance of choices. For example, you can choose to specialise in an area of advice you're passionate about, such as retirement incomes or corporate superannuation. Or you might choose to start your own financial planning business or join an established practice that's closely aligned with your personal interests and values.

Unparalleled opportunities to join the industry

Our courses enable you to be trained as a financial adviser while benefitting from real-life experience in one of our practices around the country, and our alignment with Griffith University is the only one of its kind in the industry. So, whether you have zero industry qualifications and experience, or plenty of both, our intellectually stimulating programs can offer you the perfect entry point that's right for you. 

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Higher Education Options

AMP is committed to higher education for all advisers within the AMP network. Advisers will have 3 higher education options - Master of Financial Planning, Certified Financial Planner or a Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner.

Master of Financial Planning

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Certified Financial Planner

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Fellow Charted Financial practitioner

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