About SMSF

SMSF Advice was established at a time of rapid regulatory and industry change to provide market leading licensing solutions for accountants. Our business was set up specifically to support SMSF specialists through this change, to provide clarity and guidance for businesses keen to embed themselves as SMSF specialists and to ensure businesses, and their clients, maximise the opportunity of a rapidly growing sector.

Five reasons to talk to us today

1. High standards

For those advisers who operate on a fee only basis and have gone the extra mile to specialise in SMSF advice, you can be confident knowing that only those willing to meet those requirements are eligible to join.

2. Meet your legal requirements with ease

We have created advice templates (Statement of Advice) that will provide you with peace of mind knowing your business is giving advice that’s valuable and compliant. What’s more they have been customised for each level of authority.

3. Transition your business confidently

Our experience working with accountants and financial planning businesses has helped us develop an induction program that eases the transition of your business and allows you to start off in the right direction from the word go.

4. Meet your clients’ needs

The SMSF Advice model gives you the freedom to choose the authority you need based on the type of advice you want to give and your clients need.

5. Stay ahead of the pack with specialist support

With SMSF Advice you are never on your own. You can access specialist training, technical support and templates from people who are experts in advising on SMSFs

Service Offering 

We are a business with SMSF at the core, not merely a business with an SMSF offer tacked on. We are the only specialist SMSF licensee in the market. Our single focus and expertise enables us to understand the unique opportunities – and challenges – in the SMSF sector at any given point in time. So we can build great relationships with business owners because we know what matters to them and their clients. Through all of this we offer choice in relation to the level of authority, the amount of support, and even the freedom to leave.

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