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Learn about how we can support you in starting up your own practice

Start your own business

You might be a seasoned adviser looking for the next challenge and the opportunity to build your own successful advice business with AMP’s support is what you are looking for.

We understand that one size does not fit all. Our start-up offers help entrepreneurs build successful businesses and find the right people and resources for them to grow.  Most importantly, we give you access to capital, security and funding to start-up and be successful.  Our experience, knowledge and resources will support you, along with our network of Partnership Managers (PM) and services from AMP.

Our Offer

We have a number of start-up offers tailored to suit individual needs. Discuss with one of our Recruitment Specialists about what offer is best for you. Your business start-up offer provide the following support;

  • A regular income stream to give you the kick start you need;
  • The opportunity to purchase the servicing rights to a client register* to provide you a stable revenue stream from day one;
  • Allocation of a client base providing a stable revenue stream from day one**;
  • An attractive finance model through AMP Bank (Subject to finance approval & excludes stamp duty and your own legal/accounting advice);
  • A favourable start-up allowance to help you with setting up your practice and seeing you through the early days.

Speak to one of our Recruitment Specialists

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Managing your business

We will help you to get the basics right to optimise your day-to-day processes and drive operational efficiency through:

  • People Resources and Recruitment Support
  • Marketing and Client Engagement
  • Financial and Risk management

Planning your tomorrow

Do you know where you want to go or how you are going to get there? AMP can help you plan ahead using our tailor made approach to business planning:

  • Client Value Proposition
  • Growth and succession Planning
  • Practice Start-up offer
  • Mergers and acquisition
  • Practice Finance

Advising your clients

Our market leading advice tools and support allow you to build strong client relationships every step of the way including:

  • Advice, sales and service tools
  • Technical
  • Targeted and Advice
  • Licensing and compliance
  • Research
  • Pro Bono

The Adviser experience (You!)

Be a part of a community where your performance and quality advice is recognised with:

  • Regular communications
  • Adviser recognition and awards
  • Boards and Consultancy Groups
  • Regional support

Everyone is different but the main reason for financial planners wanting to venture out on their own is about equity, owning the asset rather than building an asset for someone else. 

At least a couple of years of face to face advice experience and strong business acumen. The ability to understand how to run a business or experience with this is a big advantage. Even without prior experience in managing your own business, strong networking and relationship skills to be able to build strong client relationships along with existing referrals sources will go a long way. 

Speak with a Recruitment Specialist to explore which start-up offer is right for you. 

Yes, our expectation is that you would have access to professional premises to be able to see clients. Some start-up businesses have explored the option of an office to be used in a referral source ie. Accountancy firm, sharing an office with another practice under our group of licensees to bring down costs. Our experience with start-up businesses has also shown that paying for a serviced office tends to be cheaper than renting a stand-alone office. Cash flow is imperative in your first few years of operation while you are getting established. Your Recruitment Specialist can guide you on the best option to give you the kick start you need.

In the very beginning, we have seen that most successful start-ups will work incredibly hard to be able to afford an administration support staff member to come on-board. Access to this resource will exponentially allow you to build the business much faster and allow you to focus on giving advice versus administration and follow up. Building a strong referral process with your clients will be very important in the early stages and will have a great impact on your success.

This is dependent on the individual licensee and offer. Please speak with your Recruitment Specialist for more information.

You must complete a non-approved product and advice request if you wish to recommend:

  • A product that is not on an approved product list
  • Strategy or advice that falls outside of licensee guidelines

Please speak further with your Recruitment Specialist about this process.

Generally, we do not accept deposits and in most cases advisers seek finance for the total amount upfront. Please speak to your Recruitment Specialist about your options.

Important information

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*Subject to finance approval & excludes stamp duty and your own legal/accounting advice.

**Generally a client base will contain between 500 and 700 clients and will generate between $50,000 to $60,000 (excluding GST) of renewal income per annum.  The exact number of clients and renewal income will depend on your capacity to service the clients, meet the financial commitment of purchasing the client base, and the geographic spread of the client parcel.