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We are part of Australia's largest financial adviser network, with more than 4,400 aligned and employed advisers across Australia.

AMP is committed to financial advice. We believe in the value of advice and the difference it makes to people’s lives. Financial advice has the potential to make a huge contribution to an Australian community which is not appropriately insured, living longer than ever before and in danger of outliving its savings

AMP wants to be Australia’s favourite financial services company. We want to be the favourite partner to advisers, offering market leading services and delivering high quality, professional advice

We may be innovative leaders in financial services but our strong, clear commitment to delivering quality financial advice to our customers has remained steadfast for more than 160 years.

Why AMP?

We give you more than ongoing support for your business and your career.

You’ll recognise our passion for advice, that’s for sure. But the scale of our business means we can also give you the benefits of market leading and award-winning products, systems and processes dedicated to the needs of customers and your business.

AMP’s model is different from that of the banks because financial advisers are central to the way we reach customers. We work in partnership with entrepreneurs who are deeply connected with their local communities. We support our advisers with professional education and services, and we bring new advisers into the profession.

We understand that every adviser is different. That’s why we offer flexibility and choice. Whether you’re beginning your career in financial planning, wanting to open your own practice or grow a well-established one, we know how to support you and help you do it your way. You’ll have the training, support, research and ongoing development you need as an expert in your field.