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Reaching your goals just got easier. With three pots of money, the AMP Bett3r Account (Bett3r) helps you automatically pay bills, save and know what’s left to spend. Once set up, Bett3r helps keep your priorities on top, and start enjoying Bett3r Rewards.

Want a great rate on your savings?

Keep your priorites on track with the account that thinks like you do.

Divvy up your money into three linked accounts (Pay, Save and Spend), so you can safely spend. And grow your savings faster with up to 3.00% pa1 on your Save account.

Budget with ease

Set up your account with the Bett3r app. Enter your income then bills into your Pay account, so they’re looked after first. Add goals to your Save account and have your savings automatically put aside.

What’s left in your Spend account is yours to enjoy, guilt-free. 

Stay in control

Stuck on only saving what you don't spend? Bett3r puts you in control. With your income in separate pots and alerts to help keep you on track, you'll be less tempted to overspend.

Best of all, you'll see your goals get closer as your savings grow. 

Enjoy the rewards

We all loved a gold star at school. So why not be rewarded for good adulting?

With Bett3r Rewards, you can earn a bonus interest rate on money in your Save account. Just deposit at least $2,000 each month3 from an external source that is not another AMP account.

Here's what a customer had to say

“Once you’ve set it up, it does all the work for you in the background.” – Joshua, Bett3r customer

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Manage your money
on the go

Managing your Bett3r account is easy with the AMP Bett3r app. Use your smartphone to set up your Pay, Save and Spend accounts.

The Bett3r app allows you to transact, manage and see the overview of your money, on the go. Download the Bett3r app today.

Get Bett3r Rewards

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With Bett3r Rewards you can enjoy a bonus interest rate on money in your Save account. Here’s how it works:

  • The bonus 1.5% pa is on top of the standard 1.5% pa, giving you 3.0% pa in total1
  • To be eligible, you’ll need to deposit at least $2,000 into your Pay account each month3 from a source other than an AMP account
  • The bonus rate is available on balances up to $100,000.

These rewards are applicable where your AMP Bett3r Account is not being used as an offset account. 

Please refer to the AMP Bett3r Account Terms and Conditions for how and when standard interest is applied to your account.

If you're eligible for the bonus interest, it will be applied to money in your Save account the following month. This will be credited to you on the first day of the month after that3.

For example, if you deposit $2,000 to your Pay account in June, you'll earn the bonus interest rate on your Save account balance in July. The bonus interest will appear in your Save account on 1 August.

If you don't meet the eligibility requirements to receive the bonus interest rate, you'll receive the standard interest rate on your Bett3r Save account. As an example, if you don't deposit $2,000 to your Pay account in June, you'll earn the standard interest rate on your Save account balance in July and be credited at the standard interest rate on 1 August.

Bonus interest isn’t payable in conjunction with any other promotional rate. We can change the bonus interest reward (including waiving an eligibility condition) or withdraw it at any time.

Want no monthly fees? You’ve got it. Just deposit at least $2,000 each month into your Pay account2, like your salary. That way you’ll skip the $5 Monthly Account Management Fee. See the AMP Bett3r Account fees and charges guide for more details, including fees for special services.

And with the great interest rates, you can reach your goals sooner. 

Effective date 10 August 2016.

These rates are variable and are subject to change.

AMP Bett3r Account (deposit) Interest rate Bett3r Rewards
Bett3r Pay 1.50% pa  
Bett3r Save 1.50% pa 1.50% bonus interest (Up to 3.00% pa total4)
Bett3r Spend 0.00% pa  



Eligible deposit products

If you already have an account with us and want to open an AMP Bett3r Account, you may be able to switch your existing account.

These are the deposit products which are eligible to be switched to a Bett3r Pay account:

  • AMP Access Account
  • AMP Cash Manager
  • AMP First
  • eASYCash Management
  • Cash Management Account
  • AMP SuperEdge Pension Account

Be sure to read the frequently asked questions first. And don’t worry, you won’t miss out. If your account isn’t listed, you can open a new AMP Bett3r Account.

You can also view the home loans which can be linked to a Bett3r Offset account.

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Important information

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1 Where eligible for Bett3r Rewards.

2 Only applicable to AMP Bett3r Accounts, not available on the Bett3r Offset Account.  Funds must be from a source other than an AMP account.

3 Meaning of ‘month for Bett3r accounts that are not linked to an eligible loan account (ie the Bett3r Account is not an offset account), means each calendar month.

It’s important to consider your particular circumstances and read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement or Terms and Conditions before deciding what’s right for you. This information hasn’t taken your circumstances into account.

All terms used in these Rewards Terms and Conditions have the meanings given in the ‘Important words section’ of the Bett3r Account Terms and Conditions, including Bett3r Account, Bett3r Pay (referred to as Pay), Bett3r Spend (referred to as Spend) and Bett3r Save (referred to as Spend).

AMP Bett3r Rewards apply per AMP Bett3r Account. This means that if there are multiple account holders for one AMP Bett3r Account, then the AMP Bett3r Rewards (including the maximum limits) will apply once, not for each of the account holders.

If any of the AMP Bett3r Reward offers are used in a manner that, in the opinion of AMP Bank, is not consistent with the spirit of the Rewards we may suspend or cease applying Rewards to your Account and reverse Rewards previously applied.

This information is provided by AMP Bank Limited. Read our Financial Services Guide for information about our services, including the fees and other benefits that AMP companies and their representatives may receive in relation to products and services provided to you. All information on this website is subject to change without notice.

The credit provider and product issuer is AMP Bank Limited ABN 15 081 596 009, AFSL 234517 and Australian Credit Licence 234517.